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Borg Meng has recently launched 10 CX and ex series cameras with roller shutter sensors

Borg Meng's highly successful CX and ex series cameras have added 10 new members. These cameras are equipped with CMOS roller shutter sensors of on semiconductor and Sony to sense the maximum load elongation and failure elongation: under the action of tensile stress, try to test the elongation produced under the maximum load or within the gauge length at the time of failure, including Sony starris series sensors, It can provide resolutions of 5million, 10million, 12million and 20million pixels, and has the advantages of low noise, the first sound in domestic production, low heat and excellent cost performance. Therefore, the new model is not only affordable, but also has the high resolution and high imaging quality comparable to the global shutter sensor. It is an ideal choice for cost sensitive applications. With the globalreset function, the new camera can reset all pixel units at the same time. Even fast-moving objects can be captured clearly and ensure excellent image quality, without image distortion caused by roller shutter. The first batch of cameras will be put into mass production in the second quarter of 2018

the CX and ex series cameras, which have achieved great success, have added 10 models with roller shutter sensors, with resolutions up to 20million and 10million pixels respectively.

these small CX and ex series cameras have USB 3.0 and GigE interfaces, are equipped with the latest CMOS roller shutter and global shutter sensors with pixels up to 20million, and adopt a unified 29 x 29 mr20-20 ℃ conductor resistance m square shell design. Through stable mechanical, electrical and software integration, the camera can meet the specific needs of various applications for resolution, interface or functional range, thus effectively saving time and cost. In addition, each side of the small square shell is equipped with M3 installation interface, which has great flexibility and can be easily installed even in a narrow space

it is divided into three types: manual wood-based panel universal experimental machine CX series camera has more than 80 models, including IP 65/67 protection grade camera, its working temperature range is -40 C to 70 C, and the exposure time is 1 s to 60 s; In addition, the camera also supports the region of interest (ROI) function, with a frame rate of up to 1000 FPS. CX series cameras have a wide range of uses, with resolutions ranging from VGA to 20million pixels. With excellent imaging quality, CX series cameras are an ideal choice for cross industries with high requirements for image detail accuracy and processing speed

ex series cameras have the necessary functions of industrial cameras, such as the basic functions in line with relevant standards, the use of CS mount lens, etc. They not only inherit the excellent quality of baomeng products, but also have high cost performance. With a resolution of up to 10million pixels and a solid metal shell, ex series cameras are the primary choice for the most common industrial image processing applications

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