The last small paper-making enterprise in Xiaochan

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the last small paper-making enterprise in Xiaochang, Hubei Province, died.

on the morning of August 8, Yu Xiaohei, a fisherman in yujintan Bay, Huayuan Town, Xiaochang County, stood steadily in the bow of the boat and tried to spread his fish into the water around the river. It was a great joy. Since Huanhe river was polluted by paper mills, there has been no addiction to fishing for several years. Since this year, seeing that the Huanhe river has become clear, he has turned over the fish of a few years ago and used it again. Therefore, customers, you should know in detail whether we really choose us later

it is understood that none of the original three small paper-making enterprises in Xiaochang County meets the discharge standard, and the three enterprises do not have any pollution control facilities. The largest one has an annual total production of no more than 300 tons, while the total sewage discharge is more than 680000 tons. A large amount of sewage produced by pulping and papermaking is directly discharged into the Huanhe River, causing the Huanhe River to reach 3.125 times. The water quality of Xiaochang basin is polluted, and it is difficult to see the shadow of fish and shrimp in the river

since the beginning of this year, in order to implement the provincial environmental protection special action and the emission reduction task of Xiaochang County, the county has successively shut down two small paper mills at the beginning of the year. On the 6th, with the close cooperation of Xiaochang County's environmental protection, industry and commerce, electric power and other departments, the county demolished all the mechanical equipment of Hengda paper mill, the last small paper-making enterprise

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