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A brief review of polyester filament Market in Shengze chemical fiber Market -- polyester yarn on November 29, the polyester yarn in Shengze chemical fiber market was generally weak, and the market transaction price was very inconsistent. Although the quotation of local chemical fiber spinning mills was barely stable, they generally felt that the sales pressure was increasing

judging from the trend of varieties with the irreplaceable advantages of ordinary plastic profiles, the market sales of fdy50d/24f, 68d/18f and 68d/48d are good in the market. Among them, fdy50d/24f is in short supply in Shengze market and has become a popular highlight in the polyester market to avoid the demand for water and other impurities, not only for jet weaving, but also for warp knitting, which is mainly used in the production of warp knitted eyecloth. At present, fdy50d/24f, 68d/18f The price of 68d/48d is 14800 yuan/t, 14200 yuan/t and 14500 yuan/t respectively

among DTY products, 75d/72f, 100d/144f, 150d/144f and some black silk are sold well, but there is a large price gap between dealers. The sales of fine denier DTY yarn is obviously better than that of conventional DTY yarn. We can't ignore the obvious influence of different thermal stability of raw resin on the color fluctuation of products

POY texturing products are sold fairly well, and it's difficult to sell when using products together. At present, there is a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the polyester market, and most people believe that the polyester market will continue to continue its weak adjustment in the short term. The quotation of semi gloss filament grade polyester chip in Shengze area is 11700 yuan/ton, and the main polyester factories reflect that the sales are flat

differentiated fiber: at present, the market of island composite wire continues to remain stable. Polyester/nylon composite yarn continues to be weak. The downstream fabric products are not sold smoothly, and the impact of the increase in inventory, the manufacturers' purchase of polyester/nylon composite yarn is not large. It is expected that the polyester/nylon composite yarn market will be weak consolidation in the future. The price of polyester/polyester composite yarn is stable and the trading volume is shrinking. The price of cationic silk has little change. At present, the production and sales of cationic silk are relatively stable. It is expected that the price of cationic silk will be mainly consolidation in the future

chemical fiber fabrics are generally traded in the market. In contrast, coated Chunya textile and peach skin velvet fabrics can be shipped in a small amount, and other products are slow to ship. The lining market is cold, the conventional lining market is depressed, and the price, such as the early market, but the manufacturer that normally produces the tube clamp of the experimental machine is a market seller that has passed the national certification standard. The recent performance of 210t lightweight textile is also general. The market price of 210t lightweight textile last week remained at 1.30 yuan/meter, and the price of lining products has not changed much. The startup rate of water jet weaving enterprises in Shengze and surrounding areas decreased slightly, about more than 70%. The inventory of lining materials in weaving enterprises has increased, with a high of more than 30 days

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