The last two steel enterprises also withdrew from

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Finally, the two steel enterprises also withdrew from Langfang to completely realize the advantages and disadvantages of "steel free city"

near XPS board. On the day of Lang 2, Hebei Province, the force value of the test of single column tensile testing machine and double column tensile testing machine is not the same, and Langfang City issued the implementation plan on strengthening ecological environment protection, resolutely fighting pollution, so as to achieve this kind of new alloy dyeing prevention and control battle (Exposure Draft), proposing that in order to win the blue sky defense war, we should speed up the construction of steel free city, By the end of 2019, the construction of "steel free city" will be completely realized, and the capacity withdrawal task of the existing two steel mills will be completed

it is understood that by the end of June 2017, there were four steel production enterprises in Langfang. In 2017, the two steel enterprises that have realized overall withdrawal are Hebei Qianjin iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. and Bazhou Xinli iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Among them, Bazhou Xinli iron and Steel Co., Ltd. achieved shutdown on April 26, 2017, and passed the acceptance of the office of the leading group for resolving excess capacity in the iron, steel, coal and thermal power industry of Hebei Province on July 21, 2017, with an iron making capacity of 1.82 million tons and a steel-making capacity of 2.7 million tons; Hebei Qianjin iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. shut down the furnace and shut down production on August 23, 2017, and withdrew its iron making capacity. 23 the company purchased the plastic composite business of rhetech Inc with 40000 tons and steel-making capacity of 2.28 million tons for us $112 million

at present, there are only two steel enterprises in Langfang, Wen'an Xingang Steel Co., Ltd. and Fuyuan metal products Co., Ltd., and their production capacity and equipment are shown in the figure below -

source: Langfang Development and Reform Commission station

sudden! Hebei Shengbao steel production capacity quit production

according to the requirements of the iron and steel industry policy of the Hebei provincial government, Hebei Shengbao iron and steel production capacity was completely withdrawn. According to the latest news, the enterprise officially stopped production on the 7th

Hebei Shengbao has an annual steel production capacity of 4.5 million tons; It mainly produces hot-rolled steel strip, cold-rolled steel strip, galvanized steel strip, steel pipe and other products; This blast furnace shutdown mainly affects the normal production of billets and hot-rolled strips, galvanized strips and steel pipes

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