The last wave of fee reduction in the hottest year

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The last wave of fee reduction in the year cut electricity prices and so on. The premier made a heavy effort to clean up enterprise related charges

Abstract: our fee reduction and burden reduction for enterprises is a targeted "targeted regulation" aimed at further promoting the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry and effectively revitalizing the real economy

"to clean up government service related enterprise fees, we must not clean up here. There are still increasing new projects, and we can't 'play tricks' with people and enterprises!" Premier Li Keqiang once again focused on "fee reduction" at the executive meeting of the State Council on the 17th

this meeting announced a package of cost reduction measures, such as reducing enterprise logistics, electricity prices, and operating service charges, which is expected to reduce the burden on enterprises by about 120billion yuan throughout the year

Feng qiaobin, a professor of the National School of administration, told China business and economics that the fee reduction is moving in depth. As a result, the fees charged by the former government departments are moving towards more complex electricity prices, magnetostrictive ultrasonic liquid level meters and optical fiber ultrasonic liquid level meters will also have a certain expansion in the field of tank farms, from the finance and taxation departments to more departments and fields such as transportation and electric power, which are different from the current transportation system Related to the reform of power system and other fields. "This also reflects the deepening of fee reduction, which has been on the way."

the last wave of fee reduction in the year

cost reduction for enterprises is a major task of the supply side structural reform, and fee reduction is the main force of cost reduction

in order to fulfill the commitment of reducing fees by 200billion yuan proposed in this year's government work report, the Ministry of finance has cancelled government funds such as the urban public utilities surcharge and the special fund for new wall materials since April 1 this year, and has cancelled or suspended the collection of 41 administrative fees set up by the central government. On this basis, the State Council executive meeting introduced a number of new fee reduction measures

Feng qiaobin told China business that this should be the last wave of fee reduction policy this year, which basically fulfilled the promise of fee reduction at the beginning of the year

specifically, reducing the logistics costs of enterprises' railways and highways ranks first in this fee reduction

the above-mentioned meeting proposed to cancel the electrified railway loan repayment electricity price charged by power companies to railway transportation enterprises, and lower the railway freight price by the same amount. Combine the annual inspection and annual examination of freight vehicles according to law to reduce the burden of inspection and testing costs. Cancel the second-class highway tolls for loan repayment by the governments of Gansu, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia and Ningxia. We will strengthen the implementation of the green channel policy for fresh agricultural products

the high price of industrial electricity is a common problem reflected by enterprises. Therefore, reducing the cost of electricity has become the second way to reduce fees

specific measures include promoting the reform of provincial electricity transmission and distribution prices and reasonably reducing transmission and distribution prices. Expand the scale of direct transactions between power generation enterprises and users. Adjust the electricity price structure, and reduce the power consumption burden of enterprises by eliminating the special funds for structural adjustment of industrial enterprises, reducing the collection standards of major water conservancy project construction funds and late support funds for large and medium-sized reservoir resettlement, and appropriately reducing the electricity price of desulfurization and denitration. Take measures to reduce the transportation price of pipelines, clean up, investigate and deal with arbitrary charges, and reduce the transmission and distribution price of natural gas pipelines in the province

according to the data released by the national development and Reform Commission at the end of last year, the electricity price reform reduced enterprises' electricity expenditure by more than 100 billion yuan in 2016, including the promotion of bilateral direct electricity transactions, which reduced enterprises' electricity costs by about 45 billion yuan per year

Feng qiaobin told first finance and economics that special funds for structural adjustment of industrial enterprises and major water conservancy project construction funds are levied on power enterprises or power consumption enterprises. The cancellation or reduction of these charges at this meeting will reduce the power consumption cost of enterprises

finally, it is to reduce the operating service charges for enterprises. Including the technical services carried out by the administrative examination and approval department, they shall pay their own expenses. The unreasonable charging items of industry associations and chambers of Commerce will be cancelled, and the high charging standard will be reduced for the reserved items. We will standardize the charging behavior of financial institutions, deepen the reform of commercial auto insurance, and reduce the premium burden of enterprises

Feng qiaobin said that one of the highlights here is that the administrative examination and approval department will pay for the technical services carried out by itself. The charges for such technical services have always been the object of enterprises' complaints, and the charges are high. This time, all charges will be cancelled, which will not only reduce the burden of enterprises, but also promote the promotion of zero administrative charges for universal services across the country

"no joking in the military"

can the fee reduction policy really be implemented, so that enterprises have a sense of gain

"local governments at all levels should publish the list of enterprise related charges within the year! For all kinds of arbitrary charges by ordinary people and enterprises, we should pay attention to typical examples, resolutely expose and deal with them with heavy blows!" Li Keqiang emphasized at the meeting

Yang Zhiyong, a researcher at the Institute of financial strategy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told first finance that arbitrary charges need to find a way to deal with them. Grasping the typical cases can better analyze the difficulties in dealing with charges and provide support for finding fundamental policies. Publicity is the most effective way to control arbitrary charges, which can allow the whole society to participate in supervision. At present, the most lacking is the disclosure of charging information

it was publicly reported that at the meeting, Li Keqiang held up the document in his hand and asked the participants, "can relevant departments do it? This is related to interests, and it really needs to 'move Cheese'!"

the relevant person in charge successively assured the premier, "we will do it!"

"that's settled. We will check the implementation of the policy since 2000. 'there is no joke in the army'!" The premier said

in April this year, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of industry and information technology, and the Ministry of Civil Affairs released the notice on clearing and standardizing service charges related to enterprise operation, which clearly stated that the self-examination and self-examination stage of fee reduction should be carried out by the end of June this year, and the centralized review stage and key inspection stage should be carried out by the end of August this year

among them, the focus is on the inspection of enterprise related charges such as administrative examination and approval intermediary services, industry associations and chambers of Commerce, import and export links, e-government platforms, etc., and the serious treatment of illegal enterprise related charges, the public exposure of typical cases, and the investigation of relevant personnel

Li Keqiang emphasized at the meeting that our targeted "targeted regulation" is to further promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry and effectively revitalize the real economy

"in recent years, the improvement of China's business environment has broken through, and the high cleanliness, high density and new cold/hot processing technology of materials have been widely recognized by the international community. The relevant ranking also shows that enterprises have fallen into a small increase in the consideration between cost and profit. However, enterprise related charges are indeed a 'black hole', which makes the international community and foreign-funded enterprises, including our own enterprises, unable to understand and worry." Li Keqiang said, "now many countries are planning to introduce tax reduction measures. We should also make great efforts in this regard, give the market a good expectation, and effectively boost market confidence."

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