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New 10 carton production lines Yishui ruibaoyuan paperboard will increase production value by 150million

release date: Source: zuimei huangshanpu

recently, Zhang Daosheng, chairman of the CPPCC of Yishui County, Linyi City, Shandong Province, went to the "double 20" enterprise to investigate and work on the spot. He visited ruibaoyuan paper industry in huangshanpu Town, Haotai environmental protection technology, county No. 2 cement plant, huagan paper products and other enterprises to learn more about the operation of the enterprise

among them, Yishui ruibaoyuan paperboard Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, covering an area of more than 100 mu. It has four corrugated paperboard production lines, with an annual output of 200million square meters of paperboard. In 2018, it achieved a sales revenue of 180million yuan, tax revenue of 42 million yuan, and the relevant person in charge of Liangping County introduced 0 million yuan, ranking third in the same industry in the province and first in the city

in order to expand the scale of the enterprise and lengthen the upstream and downstream industrial chain of the enterprise, in 2019, Yishui ruibaoyuan cardboard Co., Ltd. launched 10 new color carton production lines and Taobao carton production lines. After the completion of the project, it has been widely used. After many years, it can increase the annual output value by 150million and tax revenue by 5million

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