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Cosmetic packaging: a lasting war between glass and plastic

the cosmetic market has higher and higher requirements for the appearance of packaging. Plastic is widely used because of its firmness and durability, while glass gives people a noble appearance, so it is also the main material in cosmetic packaging

the dazzling glass is very suitable for the packaging of perfume bottles, etc., while plastic has won the competition of cosmetics packaging materials with reasonable price and lighter quality

manufacturers try their best to find novel and attractive packaging, so as to highlight the internal quality of products and the attraction on shelves. There are so many products on the shelves of retailers that manufacturers have to try their best to make their products look different in packaging. To make the product different, we must spend time on the design of packaging, the shape of bottle cap and bottle body. According to RPC, plastic packaging has given cosmetics manufacturers many opportunities in this regard, and they can produce many beautifully packaged and ingenious products at an economic and reasonable cost

plastic is in an invincible position in the competition because of its high strength, light weight and non fragile characteristics. Moreover, a wide variety of plastic packaging designs can be realized and implemented in production in a very short time. But on the other hand, the competition in the cosmetics market is very fierce now. The final decision of packaging design is often made in the last second when the product is about to be promoted to the market, so as to ensure that the product always keeps up with the market development trend and consumers' taste needs

rpc believes that it is this situation that causes manufacturers to face difficulties on products without final design. RPC Rushden joined RPC Halstead to produce the bottle body and bottle cap of superdrug skin care products. The manufacturer of this product is Dewhirst toiletries. Mario Ciancio, sales and marketing director of RPC Rushden, commented on this: "in fact, the packaging of cosmetics does not reflect the latest taste and trends. Manufacturers try to do this, but this requirement increases the burden on them to ensure the technology and style of products." The company insists that the quality of packaging is crucial and that the characteristics of content products must be correctly communicated to consumers. Nowadays, the plastic materials that can be used are rich and colorful, so that packaging manufacturers such as RPC can market packaging products with high transparency and attractiveness

according to echpack UK, glass and plastic play a very important role in the rapidly developing packaging industry of perfume, skin care products and cosmetics, respectively. The application of PET plastic bottles and containers in these product areas is growing particularly fast, including shower gel, skin care products, cosmetics, etc., while glass still occupies a place

Trevor Hurrell, marketing director of techpack UK, said: "consumers tend to pack cosmetics with luxurious and beautiful appearance, so glass is the absolute first choice. However, the market is developing too fast, the development of a new glass bottle packaging cycle is relatively long, and the consumption of time and cost is too large." Mr. Hurrell has seen a sharp rise in demand for spare glass bottles that can be designed into any popular style. The company took the lead in joining this team, looking for various forms of spare glass bottles, and has signed sales agreements with some large companies

of course, glass bottles are the protagonists of cosmetics packaging, and PET bottles and cans are definitely not lagging behind. Their main applications focus on skin care products, shower gels and cosmetics. Trevor Hurrell's view on this is: "for some products, PET bottles are the most ideal packaging materials. Plastic is easy to handle, and can be designed into many fashionable, transparent classic products. It can be disassembled under the beam for folding installation." in addition, PET bottles have a soft touch, and their surfaces can be decorated with a variety of treatments, which is the only packaging materials. Mr. Hurrell continued, "nowadays, pet plastic is more and more widely used, and we are convinced that it will have a broader prospect in the field of cosmetic packaging in the future."

in the packaging industry, the importance of packaging design is by no means inferior to the choice of packaging materials. Nowadays, popular products tend to adopt traditional packaging design. The stride group has been using glass and plastic for cosmetics packaging since a few years ago. The company believes that cosmetics suitable for both men and women can be packaged in glass, which is simple and lively, which is very in line with the aesthetic requirements of young consumers. According to the company, the reason why glass materials are attractive is that they are transparent and pure, can be independent of graphics, and meet environmental requirements. A spokesman for the company said: "consumers are very concerned about environmental issues. The choice of packaging materials and whether they can recycle these issues will affect their final decision to buy."

strike Group believes that with the steady development of traditional industry, glass will still be the main material for packaging luxury goods, perfume, spices and other products. The company recently developed packaging for truefitt and Hill products, which just proves the important role of glass in highlighting the brand-name effect of products. The spokesman continued, "the printing quality of plastic packaging can reach a high level, and some luxury goods must interpret the essence through this material."

according to the company, many cosmetics require non glass packaging materials, which is not related to practicality or formula. Many skin care products are best packaged in plastic, which is easy to carry in the bathroom or travel. However, the company also expressed concern about the compatibility between plastic and content products, and the internal components of some products may react with plastic. Stride has a series of molds for producing plastic containers, which are used to replace glass bottles. At present, glass and plastic are widely used in gift packaging of skin care products in the United States, and the company believes that this method can also be further promoted in the UK

a new technology announced that plastic with imitation glass appearance can be produced. Precision plastics has developed two new specifications to match the size of the nozzle. 30ml bottle with 13mm nozzle, 100ml with 24, chemical composition with 0mm nozzle. The bottle is processed by blank injection blow molding, and the nozzle mouth adopts standard bending. The bottle wall is thick and hard

precise plastics is considering using some frosted glass with reasonable cost. Adding some colors to these glasses can bring unexpected effects to the products. Plastic containers are very convenient to use during travel. Bemas has added a 10ml oval container to its small volume packaging container. The container is made of polypropylene, which is very suitable for travel, sports and vacation. It is reported that it is the smallest of its kind and can be used in skin care products, sunscreen products, deodorants, etc. The company strives to expand the scope of application of its packaging containers, with a view to having greater flexibility to meet the needs of the market with small linear errors

waterstone is optimistic about the development of glass containers, and even believes that glass is an irreplaceable material in this packaging field. Jason Chapple, the sales director, summarized the advantages of glass as: "glass is cheap and beneficial to environmental protection. It can be used in both high-grade and low-grade cosmetics, and will not fade or deform."

10 ml oval bottle produced by bemas

it is obvious that glass and plastic have their own roles that cannot be ignored in the cosmetics packaging market. Glass is used for more expensive products, while plastic is suitable for daily cosmetics. What consumers need is thoughtful packaging, which not only has the advantage of light plastic, but also combines the advanced technology of treating plastic containers more like glass. Competition continues

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