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Yanyang Technology launched a 3.5 "single board computer with high performance and rich graphics

Taipei, Taiwan (November 15, 2012) -- Yanyang technology, the main manufacturer of industrial PC, launched a 3.5 single board computer: gene-qm77, based on the third generation Intel Core I series processors, which greatly improved the graphics performance, and is very suitable for self-service ATM machines, kiosk, games and multimedia applications. At the same time, this powerful motherboard, which is only about the size of a palm, is also suitable for automatic drug subcontracting machines and intelligent interactive physiotherapy devices in hospitals/clinics

it adopts the latest third-generation Intel Core I series multi-core processor and is equipped with Intel qm77 or hm76 chipset. GENE-QM77 Rev. A and gene-qm77 rev B can provide excellent graphics performance (through Intel intru 3D technology and Intel clear video HD technology), rich connections, and support full HD independent dual display and remote management (through iAMT 8.0 and Intel rapid storage technology). Compared with the second generation Intel processors, the overall performance of the third generation Intel Core I series processors has increased by 38%. With the advent of the cloud era, this board with excellent heat dissipation is definitely your first choice when considering cost performance and small embedded devices

GENE-QM77 Rev. B adopts BGA packaged processor, Intel Core ile and Celeron 847e are optional, and sodimm DDR3 1333/1600 memory is supported, with a maximum of 8GB. The size is only 146mm x 101.6mm, but it has rich i/o interfaces and extensions, including 2 Gigabit ports, 1 CRT (optional DVI-I), 1 HDMI, 2 18/24 bit dual channel LVDS interfaces, high-definition dual channel audio, 2 SATA 6.0gb/s (support raid 0,1), 1 CFAST, 2 USB3.0, 6 USB2.0, 4 COM, 1 8-bit programmable digital i/o, 1 mini card slot, on-board 4/5/8-wire resistive touch screen controller and TPM v1.2. In addition, it supports DirectX 11, OpenGL 3.1, OpenCL 1.1 and 3D stereoscopic playback. It improves 3D graphics performance by 50% and realizes real-time hd-hd transcoding up to 1.8x. In addition to HDMI interface, gene-qm77 rev A can provide all the above functions, and adopts the socket Intel Core i7/i5/i3 mobile processor

gene-qm77 provides the most advanced technology, and also provides traditional peripheral interfaces as long as it is legally qualified, such as a parallel port supporting spp/epp/ecp mode, said Eric Wang, product manager of Yanyang embedded computer business department. We hope to see more and more interactive applications based on these platforms in the next few years, especially in the entertainment, rehabilitation and retail segments, Eric added

gene-qm77 can also be combined with the existing tks-g50-qm77 chassis, so that system integrators and software developers can introduce products to the market faster. It is pre installed with Windows 8 and supports the common embedded operating system on the market

intelligent remote device management and monitoring

in order to manage remote devices more effectively, Yanyang provides a free hi manager program that can be installed on devices using gene-qm77, allowing users to remotely manage BIOS from a remote console. In addition, hi manager can also be installed on gene-qm77 to monitor other Yanyang devices. For personal device monitoring, you can also install Yanyang's free hi safe program

use hi manager for group management

Yan Yang's hi manager is a powerful tool based on Intel Active Management Technology 8.0 (iAMT 8.0)), and is compatible with earlier versions of iAMT. This program allows users to find all iAMT devices in the enterprise, remotely manage the power on/off of devices, set the power on/off schedule, and arrange device grouping, so as to better manage devices. In addition, it also provides event log and timer settings to wake up the device within a specific time, recover the system from the virtual CD-ROM, remote KVM management, and access the hardware information of the target device for asset management. Hi manager can be installed on all Yanyang platforms for remote management of client devices running Microsoft Windows XP and window 7 operating systems using Intel q77, qm77 and hm76 chipsets

use hi safe for condition monitoring

Yanyang hi safe is a software development kit program based on the hardware of leading industries around regional characteristics, which is free and powerful. It is developed for the user interface of the new plastic pipe laboratory running Microsoft Windows system, which has been completed and put into use. It provides a simple software development platform for end users to develop their own user interface, monitor processor, ram, VGA and other important system information. It can monitor the data from super i/o, fan, temperature and voltage, provide the setting options of digital I/O pin signal and data, provide the watchdog timer, and then improve the industry effectiveness, access threshold, fan speed setting, SMBus address detection and device ID setting, optionally monitor UPS data information, or provide two-stage backlight display control mode (if LVDS interface is used). It is a software development kit based on user interface, without coding. As long as you download this free function code, users can easily create their own user interface

for more product information, please visit or contact the regional sales departments of Yanyang

about Yanyang

the purpose of Yanyang technology is to provide customers with reliable and high-quality embedded computer platforms, including industrial motherboards and systems, industrial displays, strong portable computers, pc/104, PICMG and com modules, embedded single board computers, embedded controllers and related accessories. At the same time, Yanyang technology also provides customized services, from the initial product concept, product development, to mass production and after-sales service. Yanyang technology is a member of the Intel intelligent systems alliance, which is mainly composed of embedded developers and solution providers

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