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Yaohua Group received two honors in the building materials industry

from December 10 to 11, "2019 China building materials enterprise development forum and 2019 China building materials enterprise top 500 Series event press conference" was held in Beijing. Yaohua set to avoid collision The timely liquidation of jaw debris group was invited to attend the meeting and was honored with "automatic stop of moving beam; top 500 building materials enterprises in China in 2019" and "harmonious building materials enterprises in China in 2019"

the 2019 China building materials enterprise development forum and the 2019 China building materials 500 series press conference were hosted by the China Building Materials Enterprise Management Association. The theme of the conference is "new mission, new momentum, new breakthrough", which aims to promote the innovation, transformation and supply side structural reform of the building materials industry, and guide building materials enterprises to become bigger, stronger, better and longer

this "China Building Materials Enterprise Development Forum" focuses on discussing the methods and ways of direction control, self iteration, transformation and upgrading and risk avoidance of building materials enterprises in the new era. Leaders of industry management departments, well-known entrepreneurs and management experts are invited to deeply interpret and exchange the latest progress of relevant policies, economic situation, industry situation, enterprise management theory and practice

this selection includes enterprise declaration, public information collection, in-depth investigation, verification and analysis, expert evaluation and other processes. The China Building Materials Enterprise Management Association will conduct a comprehensive, real and multi-dimensional analysis of the comprehensive growth capacity of national building materials enterprises according to the shortlist conditions and evaluation criteria

over the past year, Yaohua Group has been driven by innovation, focusing on improving quality and efficiency, adhering to green development, R & D projects, and creating new profit growth points. At present, according to the requirements of Qinhuangdao urban planning and development, Yaohua Group is actively planning the second relocation project from the city to the park. It will focus on "new, special and excellent products without electrochemical measurement experiments and precision", build borosilicate glass, deeply cultivate special color glass, develop high-quality automotive glass, and build a modern chemical plant with first-class environmental protection and beautiful environment, so as to make Yaohua's century old store glow with new spring

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