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Yaohua Glass completed the replacement of natural gas valves in the upstream part

recently, Yaohua Glass and Qinhuangdao Kunlun Gas Co., Ltd. agreed to replace its upstream natural gas valves on September 4, 2019, which are more convenient for use and protection. It is estimated that the construction hours

after the scheme demonstration, Kunlun Gas Company has arranged several sets of LNG vaporizer devices and corresponding pipelines in the plant area of Hongyao company; North company has arranged a set of LNG vaporizers to install 103 building asphalt as pressure regulator for use before re launch. When overhauling, 1. Turn on the electric copper rod tensile load test machine, and Kunlun Gas Company will prepare 9 liquefied natural gas tankers to enter the plant at the same time, so as to ensure the natural gas supply of the four production lines of Yaohua Glass and ensure the stability of production

in order to fully cooperate with Kunlun Gas Company, Yaohua Glass held a natural gas switching arrangement meeting before the replacement work

at 8:00 a.m. on September 4, the temporary steam supply facilities were started and the switching work began. Kunlun Gas Company sent more than 20 people to convert at the same time in five groups. Each tank car gasification device equipped with more than 20 tons of liquefied natural gas was converted into production gas, which continuously entered the main gas supply pipeline, ensuring the stability of Yaohua Glass production. Hongyao company, as the main battlefield, has undertaken a lot of preparatory and cooperation work. The emergency plan for safety and production has been formulated, and the emergency headquarters has been established to clarify the division of labor; Detailed arrangements have been made for the emergency needs in the switching site and production process control. Northern company has also made corresponding preparations and arrangements

the procurement department, safety management department, general affairs department and other departments of the group coordinate with Kunlun company to ensure supply and formulate security plans. Leaders of the group company, such as Yang Limin and Cao Yang, personally arrange the arrangement, supervise the implementation of the work on the site, and guide the switching work

foundation preparation: clean and level the site in advance; Add LNG vaporization device, replace the original LNG pipeline in 2017, and install a 30 kW fan for defrosting preparation; In order to ensure that the equipment meets the switching requirements, special personnel are assigned to monitor during and after installation

during switching: equipment maintenance personnel and safety personnel are on-site monitoring throughout the whole process, and special personnel are assigned to communicate the production situation and switching progress at any time. The backbone above the production line supervisor is on standby at the scene all the time to deal with emergencies. Actively coordinate and allocate LNG vaporizer devices with Kunlun Gas Company

critical stage: around 11:00 noon is the critical moment for switching gas. Companies pay close attention to the production situation, report the production situation every hour, and strictly control the production situation. At 9:40 p.m., the 13 hour natural gas switching was successfully completed, and the gas supply of all companies returned to normal

multi party cooperation and close cooperation during the whole switching process: the safety officer sets a warning line and constantly patrols the switching site; The production front-line staff pay close attention to the changes of the pressure, flow, material pile and bubble boundary of the natural gas in the furnace, and the operation of the raw material half bin; The person in charge of each department shall report the production situation in a timely manner within the working group: if it is found that the natural gas flow supply is insufficient and the kiln temperature drops, immediately notify the relevant personnel of the tank kiln to reduce the drawing amount and adjust the production ripening ratio

the company's unified deployment, careful arrangement, close organization and smooth implementation of Hongyao and Northern production lines, stable and orderly production operation and output, have not been affected by the maintenance of natural gas devices of Kunlun Gas Company. Yaohua Glass cooperated well with Kunlun Gas Company in this gas switching work, and fought a beautiful battle

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