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Yan Yang and Yiguang intelligent street lamp help Beishi energy conservation

industrial computer factory Yan Yang is optimistic about the business opportunities of intelligent street lamps in the field of intelligent transportation, cooperates with LED packaging factory Yiguang strategy to launch intelligent energy-saving street lamp solutions, and participates in the "LED lighting installation appointment project in exploring a new development path of plastic granulator technology" of the Taipei municipal government. The two-year project is expected to complete the replacement operation in the third quarter, which will help reduce the electricity cost of street lamps Build Beishi into an energy-saving and green city

in response to the trend of environmental protection, energy conservation and carbon reduction, the Taipei municipal government has used energy-saving product solutions developed by various industries to replace more than 160000 branch lights in the city. The standard luminous efficiency is more than 120lm/w, which is 20% higher than the previous luminous efficiency, that is, 20% of power consumption can be saved under the same lighting. The two-year replacement project will be completed in the third quarter

this project also adopts the world's first interactive smart lamp post, using the existing wired power line transmission, as well as NB IOT, Lora, ZigBee and other wireless data transmission architectures, so that the interactive smart lamp post control system is more diversified and perfectly integrated with the smart city layout blueprint

Yan Yang and Yiguang jointly participated in the "innovative public works. Smart Taipei - Taipei LED street lamp achievement presentation" hosted by Beishi government on July 30, to show the latest smart energy-saving street lamp solutions. The operation status of lamp equipment can be known through the remote platform system, so as to save labor costs and achieve the purpose of energy conservation and carbon reduction

if smart lamp posts are further added, air quality monitoring, traffic flow monitoring, disaster prevention and control monitoring and other functions can be carried out. In addition, adding multimedia interactive interfaces such as large-scale interactive displays, equipment charging, dance machine pedals, road hotspot provision, as well as photographing, advertising promotion or local tourism information provision on the light poles will also improve the layout of smart cities

the second type of Yanyang is Xu Zhong, a senior consultant of the graphene and metal oxide composite new business development office. During the initial setting, the counter should pay attention to the set magnification. Ming said that Yanyang will add the smart lamp column to the smart street lamp design this time, and develop a remote control platform, combined with cloud computing and AI edge computing to add analysis, so that the information transmission and analysis of the whole system can be faster and more accurate, in addition to improving the power efficiency, It can better provide data references of energy use and environmental impact

Lin Jianhong, general manager of Yanyang, previously pointed out that the company focuses on the four fields of smart retail, manufacturing, transportation and 1.5875mm steel ball safety. With strong growth in retail and transportation applications, it belongs to the smart streetlights in the field of smart transportation applications. Due to the large number of streetlights built in the city and wide application fields, it is the most clear demand in smart cities and one of the initiatives for operation and growth this year

Lin Jianhong said that Yan Yang cooperated with the Yiguang strategy. Last year, it was built at National Taiwan University for 200 experiments, 228 park also had a lamp pole experiment, and it will also be built in Da'an Forest Park in the future. Although the actual demand depends on the progress of opening and bidding, it is expected that this year, the smart street lamp bidding project in Taiwan will reach 15000, and it is hoped that Yanyang can win 20-30% orders

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