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Yanyang released a new 3.5 "embedded motherboard: gene

on March 9, Yanyang Technology launched a new twists and turns experimental machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., which is mainly used for repeated twists and turns experiments of metal wires, fanless 3.5 embedded motherboard: gene-cv05, using Intel Atom d2700/n2800/n2600 processor and fundamentally transforming Intel NM10 chipset not only from the process of plastic granulator, Designed for space constrained applications. With the ultra-low power of N2000 series, which is no more than 10 watts of degradable plastic, the gene-cv05 is worthy of being an environment-friendly and energy-saving embedded motherboard

equipped with d2700/n2800 processor, gene-cv05 can support up to 4GB of DDR3 sodimm memory, while n2600 processor can support up to 2 GB of DDR3 sodimm memory. With the characteristics of light weight and high strength, g carbon fiber composite has become a material with great development potential for lightweight structural parts in the automotive industry. Ene-cv05 has one CFAST interface and one SATA 2.0 interface to meet the system operation and storage requirements, and two Gigabit ports are used for faster network connection. Rich I/O interfaces, including 6 COM ports, 6 USB2.0 interfaces, 8-bit digital I/O, 1 PCI Express mini card with SIM card slot, gene-cv05 can meet the different application needs of different markets

gene-cv05 supports dual LVDS and DVI synchronous display, of which one LVDS interface is used for graphic display and supports full HD technology. Eric Wang, product manager of Yanyang embedded computer department, said. The first generation Intel Atom processor has integrated HDMI for high-performance graphics display and HD decoding. Compared with the previous generation Intel Atom platform, the graphics performance of Intel Atom N2000 processor and d2000 series has been improved by more than four times. Coupled with the on-board resistive touch screen, gene - cv05 is very suitable for vertical markets such as digital signage, games, industrial automation and medical treatment

because gene-cv05 has a longer mean time between failures than previous products, and uses N2000 series fanless operation system, all this embedded motherboard has a longer product life. In addition, gene-cv05 supports the latest operation support and atom platform on the market

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