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Yanyang technology has opened up new fields - Nanjing Liaison Office was established

Shanghai, China/29 October 2004 - with the promotion and deepening of Yanyang brand in the Chinese market, Yanyang products have been recognized and trusted by more and more people. In order to meet the increasing business needs across the country, Yanyang has set up a liaison office in Nanjing after the Shanghai office, the Beijing office, the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation and the international management consulting company Kearney jointly held the "global opportunities in China's chemical industry" report conference. This Liaison Office aims to better serve our customers in Jiangsu and Anhui provinces

Yanyang Nanjing Liaison Office has professional technicians and sales personnel to provide professional services to customers. Mr. Zhang enchun, the director of Nanjing Liaison Office, has many years of valuable experience in the field of industrial control, and has been responsible for the markets of Jiangsu and Anhui provinces for a long time. Therefore, this time, Mr. Zhang enchun will be the best choice for our customers in Yanyang, Jiangsu and Anhui provinces. Nanjing Liaison Office can provide you with perfect solutions in various fields such as power, chemical industry, finance, transportation, multimedia, factory automation, etc. It is believed that with the establishment of Yanyang Nanjing Liaison Office, customers in Jiangsu and Anhui will feel Yanyang's faster, more flexible and comprehensive services

Yanyang Nanjing Liaison Office

address: room 216, Huixian building, Jinlun building, No. 108 Hanzhong Road, Nanjing



about Yanyang

Yanyang Technology Group (aaeon) is a Taiwan industrial computer listed company (Stock Code: 2463). 209 door closer was established in 1986, mainly focusing on the design, development and manufacturing of calculator platforms. In 1992, it was renamed Yanyang Technology Co., Ltd. and officially issued on the Taiwan OTC market in 1999. At present, the production line includes embedded single board computer, passive backplane, LCD flat-panel computer, industrial computer, industrial chassis, integrated workstation, multi-level loading, continuous loading and stability, multi-level experimental force automatic load maintenance, automatic data collection and storage, curve drawing, industrial liquid crystal display, firewall, etc

Yanyang Technology Group has branches or offices in global markets such as the United States and Europe. In 2003, in response to the needs of the mainland market, it successively set up branches in Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu, and invested US $12million in Suzhou Industrial Park to build a production base with a total area of 17000 square feet, aiming to provide customers in the mainland with the best service and the most perfect products! No matter in the past, now or in the future, Yanyang is an embedded system expert and the best partner when choosing to install the industrial control speed regulation system in the lower part of the workbench

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