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Yanyang technology will participate in Beijing Intelligent Transportation Exhibition (itse)

2006 China International Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) technology and products exhibition. The research using chromium oxide grinding paste will be held in Beijing China International Trade Center from March 18 to 20, 2006. Yanyang technology will participate in the Beijing Intelligent Transportation Exhibition with the latest technologies and products

with the development of intelligent transportation system, from road and bridge charging to vehicle scheduling, from illegal speed measurement to electronic police, from intelligent navigation to multimedia broadcasting, industrial control products play an increasingly important role in the construction of urban traffic intelligence. Yanyang technology especially embodies its advantages in the application of intelligent transportation

Yanyang technology will take part in the exhibition with the latest products and technologies of the company. The main products on display are boxer vehicle mounted series products, among which aec-6910 can be fully qualified for subway, light rail, train control system and media broadcasting system with its flexible expansion function, compact structure, fan free design and efficient heat conduction device. Yanyang industrial control computer series, represented by arc-640 and amc-262, are compact, solid and vibration proof, and can be used in highway/bridge toll collection, gateway flow control and other systems. The road monitoring and electronic police (license plate recognition) system is the best application environment for low-power, high-performance embedded industrial control motherboards (such as pcm-8150 and pfm-620s)

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exhibition time: March 18 - March 20

exhibition location: Beijing China International Trade Center

our booths: a849, a851

this is the first comprehensive research institution and technology development center related to graphene materials in China. If you want to know more about our exhibition status or ask for tickets, You can contact us in any way that the structure of the bag can be customized according to requirements:




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