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Yanyang released a new 3.5 "Embedded motherboard: gene

on November 2, Yanyang launched a new 3.5 subcompact motherboard: gene-ln05. this embedded single board computer uses the latest Intel Atom platform, which is a cost-effective solution. It can be embedded into any system used in industrial automation, transportation, national defense and government industries.

gene-ln05 uses Intel Atom n450/d510 processor and Intel ich8m chipset. About the system Memory, gene-ln05 supports a group of 200 pin sodimm DDR2 533/667. There are relevant national policies to boost the lower slots, up to 2 GB. In terms of high-speed network transmission, gene-ln05 is equipped with two 10/100/1000base TX RJ-45 interfaces, which can provide high-speed Ethernet communication. In addition, gene-ln05 also has seven USB 2.0 interfaces, one parallel port and one 8-bit digital I/O interface. With such rich I/O interfaces, gene-ln05 provides a powerful embedded solution for the devices required for expansion and connection

gene-ln05 uses the latest Intel technology to achieve low power consumption and high performance. Although its appearance is small, it has rich functions and can meet the different needs of many embedded applications, said John funk, a product expert in the design computer department who promotes embedded justice. This product has an on-board touch screen device, which can support 4/5/8-wire resistive touch screen, and supports synchronous display of CRT and 18 bit single channel LVDS interface. The Dual Channel HD audio inside makes gene-ln05 very suitable for multimedia applications, such as supermarkets, outdoor billboards and digital signs. In addition, this product is also equipped with two mini cards and one LPC bus to provide flexible expansion to meet the different needs of customers, John added

gene-ln05 provides rich storage and interfaces through three material development paths: two SATA2 interfaces and one CF slot mixed material. In addition, this new product is also equipped with an optional onboard trusted platform module (TPM), which provides customers with advanced security protection functions on application software. Gene-ln05 supports +5vdc or +12vdc input and can provide different power solutions

if you need to install a reliable, powerful and easy-to-use single board computer, gene-ln05 is definitely your best solution

about Yanyang

Yanyang Technology (Stock Code: 2463), founded in 1992, is an oem/odm industrial computer listed company that integrates production and marketing and serves the world. The purpose of Yanyang technology is to provide customers with reliable and high-quality embedded SBCs, open structure industrial displays, tablets, medical tablets, embedded controllers, industrial computers, industrial chassis, pc/104 modules, long cards, half long cards and related accessories

in order to ensure the high quality of products, Yanyang technology passed ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certification in 1994 and 1996 respectively. As a company listed in 2001, yanyangke has made concerted efforts to promote the prosperity of China's and the world's construction machinery industry. It has been proved that sound investment opportunities require sound fiscal policies. Yanyang technology has continuously won many awards for its significant contributions to the industry, including four times of Taiwan boutique award and the 8th annual outstanding enterprise award in Taiwan. In 2003, Yanyang technology passed the TL9000 certification, further expanding the concept of Yanyang quality first

Yanyang Technology Group has branches in global markets such as the United States, the Netherlands, China, Singapore, etc

Yanyang technology is a member of Intel Communication Alliance and a provider of communication and embedded system solutions. For more detailed information about Yanyang products, please go to Yanyang technology station

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