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Yanyang released a new can bus module PFM and tested it in this environment/p>

Taipei, Taiwan (July 24, 2009) -- Yanyang technology, as a leading manufacturer in the embedded board manufacturing industry, has a full range of pc/104 CPU module products, and has recently launched a CAN bus module pfm-c20n. The compact size and rich functions of pc/104 peripheral modules ensure that this product is the most cost-effective and compatible module of your existing system

pfm-c20n can be purchased with pc/104 or pci-104 expansion interface. CAN2.0 adopts NXP semiconductor SJA 1000 chip, and the speed is up to 1Mbps. Pfm-c20n can choose to set IRQ or PCI clock frequency for CAN bus, or set terminal resistance. In addition, whether pc/104 or pci-104 interface, pfm-c20n is equipped with a CAN bus interface and a CPLD JTAG interface. As a working system, it supports windows xp7 Carry out chemical composition analysis, metallographic analysis and Linux. Pfm-c20n combines the advantages of the existing small size and peripheral motherboard, and can be used in industry, media and medical industry

about Yanyang

Yanyang technology was founded in 1992. It is a listed oem/odm industrial computer company that integrates production and marketing and serves the world. The purpose of Yanyang technology is to provide customers with reliable and high-quality embedded SBCs, open structure industrial displays, tablets, medical tablets, embedded controllers, industrial computers, industrial chassis, pc/104 modules, long cards, half long cards and related accessories

in order to ensure the high quality of products, Yanyang technology passed ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certification in 1994 and 1996 respectively. As a company listed in 2001, Yanyang technology has proved that sound investment opportunities require sound fiscal policies. Yanyang technology has continuously won many awards for its significant contributions to the industry, including four times of Taiwan boutique award and the 8th annual outstanding enterprise award in Taiwan. In 2003, Yanyang technology passed TL9000 certification, further expanding the concept of Yanyang quality first

Yanyang Technology Group has branches in global markets such as the United States, the Netherlands, China, and Singapore, where there is the greatest uncertainty about how mass production will become investment

Yanyang technology is a member of Intel Communication Alliance and a provider of communication and embedded system solutions. For more detailed information about Yanyang products, please go to Yanyang technology station

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