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Innovative genes make "made in Shenyang" smarter

engineers do not have to go to work every day. They can compile software at home, in cafes and in terminal buildings at any time, providing intelligent services for multiple companies; Industrial workers do not need to stay in the workshop for a long time, and can become "makers" with the help of the sharing platform

nowadays, such pictures are increasingly appearing in our production and life scenes

to implement the major decisions of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China on promoting the quality, efficiency and power changes of economic development, Shenyang takes the supply side structural reform as the main line, and earnestly focuses on the real economy. By innovating and integrating, taking the lead in applying advanced technologies such as Internet, big data and artificial intelligence chromatic harmony, a number of excellent enterprises are at the forefront of domestic and international industry development. Shenyang's traditional entity economy is being reconstructed and its industrial competitiveness is being rebuilt

good enterprises that mobilize the strength of all sectors of society should dare to subvert the tradition.

"we are an old state-owned enterprise and a good enterprise because we dare to subvert the tradition and constantly innovate." Guanxiyou, chairman of Shenyang Machine Tool Group, said this. In recent years, on almost every public occasion, "subversion" and "innovation" have become the words and keywords that guanxiyou must mention

persistence is derived from faith. No matter when the economy develops, the real economy is the foundation for China's economic development and winning the initiative in the international economic competition. To develop the real economy, the focus is on manufacturing, and the difficulty is also in manufacturing

Shenyang machine tool has "stepped on" innovation in every step of the enterprise's development practice. "10 years ago, we planted a seed of innovation; 10 years later, i5 core technology, i5 intelligent machine tool, is ESOL and i5os were born one after another, which were multiplied by Chinese genes and cells." Last November, grandviewresearch, headquartered in San Francisco, said in its latest research report that in November, Shanghai, the world's first industrial oriented motion operating system i5os was released. Guanxiyou used this sentence to condense the previous innovation process of Shenyang machine tool

Guowei, chairman of the board of directors of Digital China Holdings Co., Ltd., did not hesitate to praise i5os. He said that i5os is the world's top control system and the most classic embodiment of defining the manufacturing industry with software based on the Internet platform

in fact, by "translating" the professional language of the industry, i5os is an open sharing platform for workers, developers and users to transfer experience, create wealth and inherit knowledge. With the i5os installed on the machine, everyone can become a CNC machine tool operator without training. Just download the application from the

the significance of Shenyang Machine Tool's subversive innovation to the real economy began to appear rapidly

on December 7 last year, Shenyang machine tool and Jianhu County, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province jointly built the world's first 5D intelligent manufacturing Valley, namely the intelligent manufacturing sharing platform. With the flexible operation mode of "start-up payment" and other fitting requirements, zhizaogu will provide a platform for the innovation and Entrepreneurship of steel ropes with a rope diameter greater than 6mm or a wire diameter greater than 0.5mm and even the development of the real economy when the 2 steel rope breaking tensile test method (1) the casting method is to cast the loose end of the sample with molten metal, and then clamp it in the jaw seat of the testing machine after cooling to room temperature

at the beginning of the new year's day of 2018, the strategic cooperation of RMB 5billion between Shenyang Machinery Co., Ltd. and Bank of China Leasing Co., Ltd. and the strategic cooperation between Shenyang Machinery Group and Shenyang Machinery Co., Ltd. and Tencent in the field of "deep ploughing" industrial cloud have been successively implemented... The integration of physical manufacturing, artificial intelligence and industrial finance, Internet and big data has been further deepened

along the development direction of the real economy proposed at the 19th National Congress of the CPC, Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is striving to practice

relying on innovation to seize the commanding heights in the future

worked hard for 17 years and led the team to build the largest robot company in China and the top three in the international market value in the same industry. Qudaokui, President of Xinsong robot, still maintains the original momentum to this day

On October 18, 2017, the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China opened in Beijing. On the same day, in Hunnan District, Shenyang, Xinsong intelligent industrial park, the largest robot industrial base in China, was officially opened

Qu Daokui and the employee representatives waved the flag together and sounded the horn of starting for a new era: starting from today, Xinsong embarked on a new journey to help the Chinese dream and strive to achieve a new leap in enterprise development. Xinsong's golden age is now, here and in the future

looking around at the young face in front of him, Qu Daokui was excited. He said: "in the past 17 years, Xinsong has created a legend of China's high-tech development and realized the high-end application of domestic robots, but yesterday's glory is not equal to future success. Standing at a new starting point, Xinsong's original intention of serving the country with science and technology and industry is unchanged. Let's return the past to zero and create a prosperous era of wisdom!"

emerging industries are the most dynamic and potential part of the economic system. They are the key for China to seize the commanding heights of future competition and achieve leading development. Xinsong's new journey and new leap is another concrete practice of implementing the new development concept of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and building a modern economic system. It is an indispensable leading and backbone support for Shenyang to become better, stronger and bigger in emerging industries

2017, Xinsong robot also developed and launched the first oblique hollow wrist spraying robot in China and the first batch of driverless trailers used in outdoor intelligent logistics; The autonomous industrial robot was first applied to the production of high-end German automobile models and successfully entered the high-end field; The intelligent logistics system has been successfully applied to the benchmark project of tmall warehousing center, creating a model of intelligent logistics application... Relying on its strong innovation ability, Xinsong robot has made a solid and steady step to focus on the real economy

activate innovative elements to boost the real economy

in Shencheng, North and south, there are two UAV Enterprises: both have been established for only twoorthree years, but they quickly stand out in the "Red Sea" UAV market and occupy the pioneer position in their respective segments

Liaoning Zhuanglong UAV Technology Co., Ltd. in the north of the city started from the industrial UAV, and its orders kept breaking records, and even successfully entered the international market. During the new year's day, Zhuang Long's employees were still working overtime to complete orders from Colombia

Shenyang Wuli Technology Co., Ltd. in the south of the city focuses on the flight control system, so that the UAV has a "brain", and has independently developed more than 10 new products, such as the international leading and domestic first tandem wing tilt rotor UAV; The market share of agricultural plant protection single rotor flight control products has been nearly 90%, occupying a monopoly position in the market

"if the success of Wuli technology is amazing, it is a true portrayal of innovation leading the development of the real economy and innovation creating value." Suwenbo, general manager of Wuli technology, said

the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed to accelerate the construction of a manufacturing power and the development of advanced manufacturing industry. To implement this requirement, Shenyang has thoroughly implemented the new development concept, focused on promoting the construction of "made in China 2025" pilot demonstration cities, and accelerated the construction of an industrial system with coordinated development of real economy, scientific and technological innovation, modern finance and human resources

take innovation as the first driving force to lead development. Last year, Shenyang fully copied the "6+4" policy of Zhongguancun, established a joint conference system between the mayor, University Presidents and directors of scientific research institutes, and established Innovation Alliances for UAVs and inorganic non-metallic new materials. The total number of Innovation Alliances reached 45; Shenyang National Research Center for materials science and national robot innovation center were approved for preparation; There were 280 new high-tech enterprises in the city, and the output value of high-tech products accounted for 55% of the total output value of industries above designated size. This year, Shenyang will focus on the development needs of the real economy, further activate the innovation elements, stimulate the vitality of enterprise innovation subjects, improve the scientific and technological innovation ability, and continuously enlarge the role of innovation in boosting, promoting and even leveraging the development of the real economy

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