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According to the news from Fujian, China, the project of inorganic powder modified plastics has realized the docking of science and technology industry. At the discussion and project promotion conference on the environmentally friendly material industry of inorganic powder modified plastics held in Fuzhou recently, 9 technical achievements including the industrialization of special resin for ABS recycled plastics were successfully signed

the promotion attracted the school of polymer materials of Sichuan University and South China University, and thus achieved 1 CDs@MOF Many domestic universities and research institutions, such as the University of composite materials technology, Fujian Institute of material structure, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and more than 40 enterprises, such as Guangdong WEILINA functional materials company

at the promotion meeting, the signing ceremony was held for 9 cooperative development or achievement transformation projects, such as the high-speed extrusion processing technology of lead-free PVC pipes, ABS recycling plastic hope that all plastic industries can become more environmentally friendly, the industrialization of special resin for sustainable materials, the non-toxic plasticizer of epoxy fatty acid methyl ester, the industrialization of rare earth oxide doped composite antibacterial and mildew proof rubber plastic foaming materials, and the development of ultra-fine active silicon dioxide (white carbon black)

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