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To create progress and share high-quality development, 2018 Zhongce Rubber Group dealer conference was grandly held

to create progress and share high-quality development, 2018 Zhongce Rubber Group dealer conference was grandly held

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on January 9, 2018 Zhongce Rubber Group (China) dealer conference was held in Hangzhou Longchang market. The 4-ball friction and wear testing machine for oil friction, microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo friction and wear testing machine, was reconvened. With the theme of "creating progress and sharing high-quality development", Zhongce people gathered together to sum up the past, look forward to the future, and aspire to create more brilliance in the new era

the year 2017 was a turbulent year for China's tire market. Under the impact of international capital speculation, changes in demand structure, economic restructuring and other factors, the price of natural rubber was volatile; The prices of carbon black, accelerants and other chemical raw materials rose sharply. In terms of market demand structure, traditional products such as medium and short haul tires (heavy-duty vehicles) have suffered Waterloo; On the contrary, the production costs of factories have risen sharply. Under the heavy pressure, the profits of China's tire industry have dropped by more than 50%, and many tire factories are facing losses

under this great test, the Zhongce people made unremitting efforts to break through the encirclement, and achieved good results with the joint efforts of all members and the strong support of dealers and retailers across the country. According to China tire Commerce (), the sales (tax included) of Zhongce in 2017 reached 29.7 billion, an increase of 22%; The output of all steel tires exceeded 17.26 million sets, an increase of 21%, ranking the leading position in the world; The sales volume of semi steel tires was 32million, an increase of 11.8%; The sales volume of bias ply tires was basically the same as that of the same period last year, and the brand awareness of Zhongce was greatly improved in the world. At present, Zhongce has fully entered the supporting field of high-end trucks in China; The domestic replacement market of passenger car tires is 11million, and the domestic replacement market of passenger car tires is far ahead; Significant achievements have been made in the transformation and upgrading of bias ply tires, and the sales of industrial tires, solid tires, engineering tires and agricultural large tires have increased significantly; Technical breakthroughs were made in tire products. By seizing the opportunity of the outbreak of shared bicycles, Zhongce achieved a sales growth of RMB 200million; International trade also achieved rapid growth, with the year-on-year growth of shipment volume reaching more than 27%; The flagship store of Zhongce car space, which is well-known in the industry, has also achieved success. Its number has increased rapidly, and its position and brand influence in the industry have been rapidly improved

as Mr. shenjinrong, chairman and general manager of Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd., said, Zhongce Rubber has created a new height in quality, which is entirely dependent on its new breakthrough in tire technology and the gradual realization of Intelligent Manufacturing in the production field

At the meeting, President Shen said: "what I want to do in my life is to change this phenomenon - that is, foreigners use Chinese tires and Chinese use foreign brands." No matter how the market changes, Zhongce's unchanging belief is to breathe with the market and share the fate with the dealers

in order to improve the tire quality, Zhongce focuses on Intelligent Manufacturing under the command of ET industrial brain, and continues to make efforts in the use of big data cloud, big data analysis, key parameter optimization of manufacturing process and other links. Through the data test of ET industrial brain cycle, it intelligently matches the optimal configuration of process control parameters in the manufacturing process under different production formulas, making each process of production and manufacturing management more accurate and intelligent. In addition, the intelligent detection image recognition system of Zhongce can reduce the probability of missing detection rate of products without zeroing operation at the beginning of the experiment to a standard that cannot be exceeded manually. At present, Zhongce has carried out a number of cooperation with Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Alibaba and other university groups to carry out internal transformation of the production line in order to achieve a high degree of product consistency

Mr. shenjinrong, chairman and general manager of Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd.

create progress and share development

Ge Guorong, deputy general manager of Zhongce Rubber Group, made a special speech on "create progress and share high-quality development" at the meeting. He made the following expectations for the future of Zhongce people: stand high, look far away, and work hard. "Now the contradiction is between people's growing needs for a better life and unbalanced and insufficient development. We should understand the development direction of the national development strategy and the purpose and significance of the current enterprise development." Mr. Ge believes that the development trend of wholesale channels is fast, efficient, low-cost and value-added services, of which the most core is the platform, no longer the company. The development trend of retail channels has evolved into extreme experience, simple choice and new technology and new business empowerment. These changes have put forward higher requirements for tire practitioners

Mr. geguorong, deputy general manager of Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd.

the growth of the enterprise is inseparable from the benign relationship with consumers, retailers and suppliers. General manager Ge said that as long as there are partners, retailers and even consumers in mind to think about problems from their perspective and start the exhibition (3) turn on the main power supply of the experimental machine, the power supply of the computer and the display in turn, the stage will become larger and the value of existence will be greater. The Zhongce family culture of "caring for you everywhere" is the strength of Zhongce's unity. The essence of Zhongce's marketing is to keep pace with the needs of customers, and to strive to catch up with users. Innovation and refinement and steady operation are the long-term strategies of Zhongce's sustainable development. Unity, diligence, advanced layout, resource sharing and win-win cooperation are the sharp tools for the rapid development of the Zhongce family

the sound of physical strength behavior

the success of Zhongce Rubber Group is inseparable from the full support of production, technology, R & D, warehousing and other teams. In this conference, the group leaders and relevant functional heads came to the stage to communicate with you, and took the responsibility on their shoulders to make a commitment for the dealers. This commitment is the driving force to spur the Zhongce people to keep forging ahead. The greater the strength, the greater the strength. It is precisely the courage of every Zhongce person to shoulder the responsibility and walk together with one heart, so that Zhongce can still sing all the way to create greater progress in the face of numerous tests

official launch of Zhongce cloud smart tire

another highlight of this conference is the official launch of Zhongce cloud smart tire. Zhongce cloud smart tire was officially released a year ago. It is the first cloud smart tire developed by Zhongce Rubber in China. It is the perfect application of sensor technology, IOT technology and big data technology in the tire industry, pushing "improving safety" and "reducing costs" to a new height

in the past year, Zhongce cloud smart tire has been applied to major fleet customers and has been well practiced in various fields. After a year of market test and practice, we have gained great recognition

Zhongce cloud smart tire has also been recognized by many cooperative companies in the bus field. As the first batch of users, Wenzhou transportation company and the second container terminal of Ningbo Zhoushan port have received high praise for the performance of Zhongce cloud smart tire. At the meeting site, Zhongce Rubber Group, together with leaders of Wenzhou transportation company and the second container terminal of Ningbo Zhoushan port, started the sale of Zhongce cloud smart tire bus version

Zhongce tire insurance ushered in a new upgrade version 2.0

in the spotlight, Zhongce tire insurance 2.0 was officially released. Since the release of Zhongce tire insurance 1.0 on march31,2016, more than 400000 tires have been insured, attracting nearly 6000 stores to participate, and bringing more benefits to these stores. Zhongce tire insurance has built a service platform for car owners in need and stores that can provide services. The newly upgraded version 2.0 will enjoy free tire repair service in national contracted stores within one year on the basis of claim settlement within one year, providing more convenient and considerate guarantee services for car owners

sailing in February this year, the company's controlling shareholder Dongfang Group signed a letter of intent on cooperation with Dongfang Hengtai and its relevant shareholders, and set sail to continue its brilliant journey

to survive the most difficult 2017. We firmly believe that Zhongce will get better and better. The honing in the past year has further strengthened the comprehensive strength of Zhongce. Stepping into a new era and embarking on a new journey, Zhongce will welcome 2018 with a brand-new look, work with the vast number of dealers to achieve greater market share, push China's tire manufacturing industry to a new height, continue to make progress in the process of reform, and realize the Zhongce dream and China dream of Zhongce people

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