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Insight into the future trend of commercial buildings Schneider Electric joined hands with partners to enable the new pattern of the city

Beijing, August 9, 2018/PR newswires/-- recently, the global leader in digital transformation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation held the second stop of 2018 VIP customer Sharon in the commercial construction industry in Shenzhen. This salon focuses on super high-rise buildings and urban complexes, and fully demonstrates Schneider Electric's digital solutions applied to the commercial construction industry based on ecostruxure for the building market, and its ability to help super high-rise buildings to be safer, more efficient, more comfortable and sustainable, and enable the digital transformation of super high-rise industries, so as to further enhance the value of real estate

Xie Jijun, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of China energy efficiency building business, delivered a speech at the event

with the promotion of a series of policies and regulations such as the "13th five year plan" and the more application of cutting-edge technologies such as Bim and IOT, it has become a trend to build more green and intelligent commercial buildings

at the same time, with the promotion of urbanization and population expansion, the shortage of urban land needs to be solved urgently. The super high-rise building is gradually becoming an important way to integrate the working and living environment and improve the land use rate. At the same time, it can also effectively save municipal investment and promote technological progress and development. However, the problems of difficult construction, multiple and complex systems, high operation and maintenance costs, and high requirements for safety and energy conservation are also severe challenges in the process of super high-rise construction and operation. Therefore, how to use digital means to improve system security, simplify operation and maintenance through efficient collaboration, and optimize decision-making level and use experience have become the focus of industry customers

as a leader in the field of commercial buildings, Schneider Electric, based on ecostruxure for the building market, takes the integration of strong and weak electricity as the core, provides digital solutions and full life cycle services applied to super high-rise industries, effectively improves the overall operation and maintenance and management efficiency, and uses digital tools to optimize capital investment (capex) and operation investment (OPEX), so as to help customers improve their decision-making level and promote real estate appreciation

relying on the new ecostru Xure system architecture since the launch of the major national large aircraft science and technology project in 2006, Schneider Electric has built an energy efficiency and building integrated management platform through ecostruxure building and ecostruxure power, integrating key systems such as building automation, intelligent lighting, green application, intelligent security, intelligent power distribution and energy efficiency supervision, It also makes use of innovative applications and services such as ecostruxure power advisor and ecostruxure energy advisor cloud energy efficiency to realize the comprehensive energy efficiency management of the building from the equipment level, control level to decision-making level, ensure the safety of electricity, personnel, property and information in the building, improve the overall operation efficiency and green energy saving level, create a more comfortable living and office environment, and achieve sustainable development

relying on the new ecostruxure system architecture, Schneider Electric provides customers in the field of commercial construction with a complete digital solution

in addition, Schneider Electric also pays attention to the optimization of the full life cycle cost of super high-rise buildings, so as to provide expert services from the engineering design, construction, trial operation, operation and upgrading stages, further improve customers' full life cycle management ability, optimize the overall decision-making level, and release greater benefit potential. Up to now, Schneider Electric has provided services to more than onemillion buildings around the world, helping them to save nearly 30% of their energy costs. At the same time, Schneider Electric has provided advanced digital complete solutions and full life cycle services for many domestic super high-rise buildings

by integrating key energy and building systems, Schneider Electric provides a customized strong and weak current integrated solution for Guangzhou Qiaoxin international financial center, which integrates class A office buildings, high-end serviced apartments and commercial retail. While ensuring safe, reliable and stable power consumption, Schneider Electric further improves the operation and management efficiency of the building and creates a more comfortable and efficient office, accommodation and entertainment environment, Make it successfully reach the LEED gold certification standard, and finally help to effectively improve its brand influence, and achieve an overall occupancy rate of 98%

focusing on safety, Schneider Electric empowers Guangzhou Qiaoxin international financial center to be more efficient, comfortable and sustainable.

guests from boma China, international well Architecture Research Institute and Macao Hong Kong Shopping Center consultants (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. deconstruct the industry from the perspectives of commercial real estate operation practice, healthy buildings, architectural design and operation energy saving trend. Meanwhile, industry experts from Wanda cultural tourism planning and Research Institute and Alibaba group discussed with the public on topics such as efficient operation and maintenance of the project and digital transformation

Quchanjuan, industry marketing director of Schneider Electric China energy efficiency and building business department, said: "Always putting customer needs first is one of the reasons why Schneider Electric continues to lead the energy-efficient building industry, and it is also the source power for us to take the lead in exploring the digital transformation of commercial buildings. Schneider Electric has continuously deepened its communication with customers by holding a series of salons in the commercial construction industry, so as to provide more complete digital solutions and full life cycle services, and create safer, comfortable, efficient and green commercial buildings. We are willing to work together to Multi partners to build a new urban pattern! " This year, Schneider Electric will continue to carry out rich customization activities in the commercial construction industry. Please look forward to it

Hangzhou, August 10, 2018/AP/-- since June this year, the loan industry is undergoing an unprecedented baptism, and the explosion of thunder has spread the panic of the industry. This is the process of "scouring the sand by the waves". Industry stakeholders have realized that the brutal growth period of the loan industry has passed. Only by adhering to the bottom line of compliant operation, continuously improving asset quality and continuously optimizing service for users can the loan industry develop steadily

in July, the central bank released the interest rate cut signal, continued to release the liquidity of funds, and social financing costs entered the downward channel, promoting the downward trend of interest rates in the loan industry

on August 10, the official website of Tairan Finance released the notice on the reduction of the agreed borrowing rate on the platform (hereinafter referred to as the notice). According to the notice, after careful consideration, the platform has decided to reduce the agreed borrowing rates for all projects of 2 months or more (including 3 months for novices) from September 1, 2018

"in the face of the downward pressure of the industry, the core element for the platform to continue to move forward steadily is to adhere to the strict selection of high-quality assets for lenders. We firmly believe that only stable and compliant assets can fully guarantee the funds of lenders." The relevant person in charge of Tairan Finance said that the decision to cut interest rates was made after a comprehensive assessment of business increment, risk control, lender income and safety, industry development and other aspects. On the one hand, in the current downward trend of interest rates in the financial market, in order to better respond to regulatory policies and help more lenders obtain longer, more reasonable and more secure returns; On the other hand, in order to obtain more high-quality asset demand and make the platform operate and develop safely and steadily

in addition, the interest rate reduction of the loan platform is also an inevitable result of compliance. With the increasingly strict supervision, it has guided the development of various loan platforms towards compliance and legality. The gradual standardization of operation and the strengthening of risk management will certainly increase the comprehensive cost of the platform

with the gradual calmness of the loan industry, the regulators released clear positive signals. In mid July, local mutual fund associations issued documents one after another. On July 16, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission held a symposium on the risk situation of the loan industry, the main purpose of which was to prevent the outbreak and spread of the risk of loan institutions, and steadily and orderly promote the special rectification of loans

the introduction of a series of policies has given a boost to the compliance platform that we have always adhered to

the relevant person in charge of Tairan Finance said that Tairan finance has always adhered to the original intention of "let trust create value", and adhered to compliance development and steady operation. In the future, Tairan finance will continue to uphold the platform mission of Inclusive Finance, adhere to the small and beautiful route, cooperate with strict risk control measures, and strictly select high-quality assets. Call for the early implementation of the national strong regulatory policy, actively guide the healthy development of the platform, and help the mutual fund industry rejuvenate

source: Zhejiang xiaotai Technology Co., Ltd.

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Shanghai, August 9, 2018/PR newswires/-- in response to the clear requirements and work arrangements put forward by the leading group for the special rectification of Internet financial risks and the leading group for the special rectification of P2P network lending risks recently to steadily promote the special rectification of Internet finance, especially network lending risks, and properly respond to and resolve the risks in the lending industry, Safeguard the rights and interests of all parties in the market, especially investors, actively create an atmosphere for the healthy development of the industry, boost industry confidence, and welcome the spring of the loan industry. On August 8, 2018, the loan member units of Shanghai Internet Financial Industry Association jointly issued a self-discipline statement

as one of the first members of Shanghai Internet Financial Industry Association, Caibao, a financial platform under Zendai Aite, actively responded to the call of the association, took the lead in signing the self-discipline statement, implemented the content of the statement into practical action, and promoted the healthy development of the loan industry together with other compliance platforms in the industry. The following is the full text of the statement:

I. resolutely adhere to the principle of legal and compliant operation. We will resolutely implement the laws and regulations of the loan industry, adhere to the positioning of information intermediary, actively rectify and improve in strict accordance with the special rectification specifications and the "1+3" regulatory system policies, strive for compliance, and never touch the regulatory red line

II. Resolutely promote the openness and transparency of all information. Carry out information disclosure in official wechat and other channels in strict accordance with the guidance on information disclosure of business activities of credit information intermediaries issued by the CBRC. 2. It is strictly prohibited for hard objects to collide with the lifting lead screw, and it is necessary to disclose the information on time with lubricating oil, and submit the information in accordance with the requirements of regulatory authorities, associations and other relevant departments to ensure that the information disclosed and submitted is true, accurate, complete and timely. Do not make false publicity, fully understand customers and fully remind risks

III. resolutely and actively accept supervision and supervision. Actively embrace supervision and cooperate with various regulatory departments to inspect and guide the platform; Actively access the association's self-discipline management system and cooperate with the association's self-discipline work; Actively set up a standard inspection committee composed of investors to actively accept the supervision of investors

IV. resolutely promote inter-bank collaboration and linkage. Actively promote exchanges and cooperation between platforms, and promote the blacklist sharing mechanism for debt evasion and abolition; We media, which exaggerate facts, make false reports, and extort money from institutions, actively report to relevant departments to jointly maintain the ecological environment of the industry

v. resolutely undertake social responsibilities. Ensure that there is no running away and no loss of contact, actively set up senior executives, ensure timely and smooth communication with investors, always communicate with investors in a positive and sincere manner, and protect investors' rights and interests as much as possible

self regulatory statement of Shanghai Zendai Aite Financial Information Service Co., Ltd.

list of units jointly issuing self regulatory statement

Shanghai Zendai Aite Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. (Zendai laocaibao)

Shanghai Baoxiang Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. (Baoxiang Finance)

Shanghai chaoaicai Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. (chaoaicai)

Shanghai Dianrong Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. (dianrong)

Shanghai fuyinlai Internet Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. (fuyinpiao No.)

Shanghai Huchen Investment Group Co., Ltd

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