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Innovative direct plate making technology: Kodak flex direct system creates a new peak of flexographic printing

Beijing, China. On May 14, Kodak exhibited the innovative direct plate making technology Kodak flex direct system at the 8th Beijing International Printing Exhibition (China print 2013). The Beijing printing exhibition was held in the new hall of China International Exhibition Center from May 14 to 18. Kodak displayed the industry's largest solution portfolio on a large booth (Hall E2, booth 001) of nearly 1000 square meters, covering nearly 20 digital solutions, and jointly launched new applications with more than 10 industry partners

at the drupa exhibition held last year, Kodak launched the flexcel direct system, which was warmly sought after by the industry and cost less. In the following 2012 national printing art exhibition, the system also won the must see technology EMS award, which was selected by an independent industry expert jury. Kodak will make persistent efforts to exhibit this system again at the Beijing printing exhibition, the world's second largest printing art exhibition

the system is not only highly praised by experts, but also unanimously affirmed by users. At present, Miller graphics, a French prepress business enterprise, has branches in 9 countries and has evaluated this system in its company in Limoges, France

we have rich experience in Flexo ITR (sleeve) plate printing technology. Claude vriet, ITR production manager of Miller graphics, said that we are still improving our service level to provide customers with better product performance and competitive prices. The evaluation results of Kodak flex direct system in the company's own production and operation and customer publications exceeded expectations. We have used Kodak flex direct system sleeve technology for production work, and even won new business because of technical improvement

Kodak flex direct system uses high-power laser engraving technology to produce high-quality elastic sleeves. Claude VRI, the ITR production manager of Miller graphics, added that our customers were impressed by the excellent performance of the system in terms of printing quality, consistency and rapid printing preparation. At the same time, our production of sleeves has greatly increased

Kodak's solution is unique in that it is not only an engraving machine, but also a complete set of optimization solutions, including all kinds of hardware, workflow and media. Laserflex, a large German prepress service provider, and the subsidiaries of ABC packmedia and horst Gries installed the flex direct system for the first time, and then conducted various tests

the simple and convenient operation, coupled with special media, ensures the optimal engraving speed and ink compatibility, making the flex direct system a truly complete system. It is rare for equipment and media to be developed by the same supplier. Sascha paus, manager of laserflex factory, said that from our current tests, including the user work and the research and printing experiment of DFTA, we are convinced that Kodak flex direct system is our best choice in the flexographic printing market

flex direct system is a member of the award-winning Kodak flex NX system family. Flex NX system has always been our flagship product, and has played a revolutionary role in the flexographic plate making industry. The HD flexographic technology introduced by the system is a sustainable product with high cost performance. Lois Lebegue, President of Eastman Kodak Asia Pacific, said that with the launch of flex direct system, we can help printers produce affordable and high-quality ITR flexographic sleeves, so we use plastic ropes to tie things and better show Kodak's commitment to our customers. We understand that we have always been committed to providing customers with truly differentiated solutions in the packaging field

Kodak flex direct system will be demonstrated at the exhibition site. If you want to participate in the demonstration, or need to know more about the flex direct system

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