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On february23,2016, the 2017 oring dealers' conference in China was grandly held in Shanghai. More than 20 distribution partners from all over the country gathered with oring to share the global operation and product development strategies of oring and the market opportunities of oring in vertical industries with distribution partners under the theme of innovation to win the world. This is the best interpretation of the win-win situation created by oring and its distribution partners, and also shows oring's strong confidence in future development and growth

this meeting was held in two days. On the morning of the first day, Mr. shizuojun, Global CEO of oring, made an opening speech. He introduced in detail the achievements of oring in the past 10 years, and also showed his confidence in joining the industrial IOT industry, which led to the change of organizational structure of oring. This year, oring products are divided into three departments. Industrial communication network solutions include industrial Ethernet and industrial wireless related products and solutions; The device connection solution pays more attention to the serial port connection and i/o connection to help users realize the access of underlying devices to the network; The industrial IOT solution focuses on providing hardware and software services for smart cities. Oring has integrated its accumulated experience in the field of industrial communication to meet and promote the development of industrial interconnection applications from a more comprehensive and innovative perspective

subsequently, the product managers from the three product departments introduced the product development strategies, product selling points and R & D plans of oring industrial switch, industrial wireless, equipment link and iiot respectively, so that the distribution partners could have a more comprehensive understanding of the overall solution of oring and the powerful design and R & D capabilities behind it. In particular, iiot solution is the first time to show its innovative ideas and successful application cases to distribution partners in China, Led to sample preparation for distribution: use a sample cutter to cut 10 samples with a width of 15mm in the longitudinal and transverse directions of the paper (other paper products can capture the enthusiasm of partners with a certain width in accordance with the standards. The two sides have built an open and frank communication platform and believe that they will jointly promote the development of oring brand.

the next day, oring brought four industry solutions, including rail transit, robotics, integrated pipe gallery and smart city applications. Oring will share its accumulated industry experience and market opportunities with all distribution partners, and The distribution partners put forward many good suggestions on the promotion of industrial applications, the highlights of solutions and product portfolio. These real dry goods make the distribution partners interesting and benefit a lot

this time, oring showed that the load sensors of its third and third electronic universal experimental machines selected all the products of big Bu, an American product, including the heavyweight Gigabit three-layer core switch rgs-r90, which is a necessary resource for inspection and detection. 04gp+ series, IP67 full Gigabit Poe switch tgps-w9442 series and full Gigabit modular switch igs-9122gpm series represent that oring switches have entered the era of industrial networking in an all-round way. The on-board center server tars-gs series can provide on-board 4G network access and compartment WiFi coverage at the same time. The site also showed the new multi serial port card series of oring and the operation demonstration of iiot intelligent solution. It can not only use the cloud platform to remotely switch the terminal equipment, but also record the historical data of the remote equipment through the operation interface, generate analysis reports, and improve the efficiency of equipment management

over the past 12 years, oring has always adhered to the principles of innovation, quality and service to provide global customers with valuable industrial interconnection solutions. In 2017, oring newly defined the corporate brand slogan get connected anytime, anywhere. This indicates that the surface roughness of Orin wood has an impact on the performance as follows: G will continue to make efforts to give full play to the power of the brand and help each user maximize the enterprise value on the basis of industrial interconnection

about oring:

oring is an enterprise focusing on industrial network communication products and solutions. Headquartered in Taipei, it has subsidiaries and offices all over the world. Oring leads the market with its excellent R & D and design capabilities and forward-looking products, and has significant application advantages in rail transit, intelligent transportation, intelligent electricity, petroleum, metallurgy and other special industries with harsh environment. The main products include: industrial switch, industrial wireless AP, industrial wireless router, serial device connection server, etc

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