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Insight into the technical development trend of offset press equipment since the 21st century, the development of the global offset press has entered a heyday. Major offset press manufacturers have spared no expense to innovate and develop the offset press, and the high-tech and performance of the offset press are becoming more and more mature. The technical performance of various flat offset printing machines, such as medium, small format, large format, ultra large format, commercial and semi commercial web offset printing machines, newspaper web offset printing machines, etc., has been improved to varying degrees, bringing a wide range of choices to the printing industry

although digital printing brings new opportunities to the printing field, traditional offset printing still occupies the largest market share. According to statistics, in 2006, offset printing worldwide accounted for 65% of the market share of various printing methods. In the face of the huge market demand and attraction, coupled with the rising cost of the printing market and the falling labor price, the major offset printing machine manufacturers have continuously developed and launched various new offset printing machines to meet the needs of users to adapt to the market competition in order to adapt to the changes and development of the market. Throughout the development trend of offset press market, we may as well discuss and analyze from the following aspects:

safer, simpler and faster operation

people oriented is the goal and fundamental purpose of modern offset press design. Only when the printing press achieves man-machine integration can it give full play to its maximum efficiency. With the intensification of the competition in the printing market, the printing speed of the offset press has become faster and faster. The large format offset press has reached printing times per hour, the medium format offset press has reached 18000 printing times per hour, and the small format offset press has also reached 15000 printing times per hour

at present, most offset press manufacturers have introduced advanced and highly sensitive sensing technologies, such as infrared and ultrasonic, to the high-speed running parts as a protective barrier. When the operator is adjusting, sorting and cleaning, once his body accidentally enters the machine operation field, the sensor will send a signal along with the eye, and the machine will stop to avoid personal injury. For the occasions with small operation space, strict requirements for operation skills, high difficulty, frequent operation and high intensity, it is often improved to electromechanical automatic operation to completely eliminate the potential safety hazards in operation. For example, the cleaning and maintenance of printing plates, rubbers and embossing rollers used to be manual, but now mechanized operation has been adopted. In addition, the adjustment of the above version, version adjustment, rules, swinging device teeth and the anti rubbing and dirty supporting rollers of the paper receiving drum have been fully or semi-automatic

informatization, digitalization and intellectualization

with the rapid development of global informatization, people's demand for the printing machine is no longer to meet the most basic function of printing, but mainly to replace people's thinking, judgment and diagnosis of machine status. Its technical conditions comply with the relevant provisions of gb5137.1 standard, and it makes rapid response without oral adjustment, which reflects the intelligent degree of the machine in processing information and numbers. After decades of development, the mechanical structure of offset printing machines of major brands has been very similar, but in terms of the integration of offset printing machines into electronic information and digital technology, they are in a fierce competition for the commanding heights in this field

one of the technical difficulties of the offset press in printing is ink balance. With the independent drive of the water roller structure by the variable frequency speed regulating motor replacing the original mechanical structure, the amount of water will no longer change with the machine speed. However, if we have excessive maintenance, the operator will make arbitrary adjustment according to the printing process requirements, which greatly improves the ink balance technology. However, the differences in people's understanding of water volume, the grasp of environmental conditions, and the differences in technical level and ability and skills lead to great differences in the quality of prints. Now the technicians are trying to make the process parameters required by various complex situations into software and preset them in the offset press. As long as the operators input the relevant data and start the ink balance software system, the machine will run according to the best program. Similarly, the fault diagnosis, emergency handling and special process requirements of offset printing presses, which used to be done manually, are being gradually replaced by modern intelligent functions. It is believed that with the development of automatic control software, the printing press will one day become a machine that everyone can control

automation, multi-color, double-sided

the primary condition for improving production efficiency is to introduce equipment with a high degree of automation. At present, the automation, operability and perfection of offset press have reached a new level

while printing, the offset press can accurately preset various printing parameters of new prints, so as to input the next batch of live print in the shortest time, greatly shortening the pre press preparation time, which can be completed in a few minutes. A high degree of automation will be the direction that the offset press will pursue in the future. As a result, the production efficiency will jump to a higher level

double sided printing has a history of many years, but the earliest double-sided printing was mainly text printing, positive and negative color. With the popularization of multi-color printing, the pursuit of multi-color printing has changed from four and five colors to six and eight colors. In the era of fashion printing, how many manufacturers know that multi-color offset printing machines are needed, especially for the expression of modern design features? To complete. If the metal color or glazing is used to make it a high-grade print, it is not easy to overprint with ink, but to use spot color ink to overprint the same color directly on the offset press

in order to overcome the rotary offset press, the flat sheet offset press must improve the printing added value. Most of today's flat sheet offset presses use online glazing units to complete thick and fine glazing at one time. In recent years, it has become popular to use two glazing units after the printing unit. The first polishing unit performs water-based polishing. After drying, it enters the second polishing unit, and then performs UV local polishing. After UV curing, high gloss prints can be obtained

with the rapid development of high and new technology of offset printing machine, printing users really have a bright future. They are looking forward to a promising offset printing market. But do not blindly pursue the high-tech trend of offset press, which may not win the market and success. Only pragmatic people who grasp their own product positioning and market will appreciate the joy of success

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