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Northern joint stock company: Innovation Studio releases positive innovation energy northern joint stock company: Innovation Studio releases positive innovation energy China Construction Machinery Information Guide: since this year, the trade union of northern joint stock company of Inner Mongolia North Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. has been based on its own functional positioning, closely focusing on the theme of business work, constantly promoting the innovation of trade union work, and giving full play to the advantages of the trade union in close contact with the masses of employees, Combined with the employees' work posts, we vigorously carried out employee innovation activities

since the beginning of this year, based on its own functional orientation, the trade union of North Co., Ltd. of Inner Mongolia North Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. has closely focused on the theme of business work, continuously promoted the innovation of trade union work, gave full play to the advantages of the trade union in close contact with the masses of employees, and vigorously carried out employee innovation activities in combination with employees' jobs, Three employee innovation studios named after the employees, namely "zhangzhiqiang improvement studio, lizongjun welding studio and jinguofu Innovation Studio", have been established with clear positioning and prominent characteristics. Since its establishment, the three studios have continuously released the "positive energy" of innovation. Not only according to the time node requirements of the work objective, a group of University of New Mexico students have built a kysat ⑵ microsatellite with components printed by windform materials and selective laser sintering (SLS) technology to high standards, but also self pressurize, and take the initiative to undertake various important improvement projects for new product development, quality improvement The implementation of lean management and other work has played an important basic supporting role

jinguofu Innovation Studio: self-made "top" substitutes for import

for a long time, the top used by lathes and grinders of the hydraulic cylinder Business Department of northern Co., Ltd. has been imported from abroad. The imported parts are expensive, and the average price of the top is more than 30000 yuan. As the currently used top has gradually reached the retirement age, it has been unable to meet the requirements for precision machining of cylinder blocks. From the perspective of reducing procurement costs, the hydraulic cylinder business department decided that jinguofu Innovation Studio should undertake the self-made top projects to replace imports

the jinguofu team actively engaged in self-control and included it in the performance book of the studio

as the "backbone" of the Innovation Studio, jinguofu has made great efforts for precision and top self-made projects. From the preliminary project demonstration, to the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of various top structures, to the determination of design schemes and drawing, the team led by jinguofu can be said to be fully committed

the preliminary work of the project is progressing smoothly, but there are difficulties in finishing: the top is inconsistent with the size of the purchased oil seal. After all, it is precision equipment. It is not easy to simply surpass the technology of foreign countries for many years. However, after careful study and verification, the members of the Innovation Studio finally found out the defects, modified some dimensions, and successfully assembled at one stroke

through experiments, the precision of the top is far higher than that of the imported parts, and the trial production is successful. It is understood that the studio has completed 9 top-level workshops ranging from "100" to "300", saving the company more than 300000 yuan in various costs. Moreover, all top-level raw materials come from the recycling of waste materials, achieving low cost and high output

zhangzhiqiang's improvement Studio: small improvements solve big problems

when he walked into the general assembly workshop, a neat and orderly environment immediately came into view. "This is due to zhangzhiqiang's efforts to improve the Innovation Studio", said changxueliang, manager of the general assembly workshop. After the general assembly workshop established zhangzhiqiang improvement studio under the guidance of the company's labor union, they improved the tramcar assembly and work site around lean management, and produced a batch of tooling, which brought changes to the workshop

it is understood that with the joint efforts of zhangzhiqiang's improvement studio team, the workshop has made a total of 19 toolings, and all of them have been popularized and applied

"a series of serious consequences, such as blocking the valve hole and scratching the piston surface, have greatly exceeded the number of improvements in the work objective book," said Chang Xueliang. "The studio is now a gathering place for improvement in the workshop, and many good ideas are from them."

in the workshop, many seats in the co driver's cab are neatly buckled on the parts distribution vehicle. Zhangzhiqiang introduced that these things were originally placed directly on the ground, which not only occupied space, but also easily caused unnecessary damage to the seats. So I tried to design the tooling for storage and operation, and now there is no damage. "There is also the self-made installation hook for bevel gears," said Zhang Zhiqiang, pointing to a row of bevel gears, "It used to be manual handling, which was time-consuming and laborious, and there were potential safety hazards. We made an installation hook according to the thread structure. After use, not only the efficiency was improved, but also the accident was eliminated.

Zhang Zhiqiang pointed to a screw interface at the bottom of a mine car and said, for example, this round plastic box used to corrode the rubber ring under the screw when painting. Later, we found that the A plastic box can just cover the screws completely, realizing the reuse of waste materials. There is also a draft tube under the engine. During assembly, the outlet of the draft tube is just above a white bottom plate. Through modification, the length is lengthened and the direction is changed, which effectively solves this problem. The customer also welcomes and recognizes my improvement

in addition, a number of self-made tooling such as cleaning box climbing stool, cab assembly reclining frame, spacer placing frame, press stable seat have been put into use, which has solved many difficulties and made the workshop site more orderly

other express bags, for example, will be torn and the pollution will be slightly improved when they are handed over to consumers. In zhangzhiqiang's words, they are "basically changing every day, and the quantity cannot be counted."

"although these improvements are insignificant, they have solved many big problems." Guopeng, chairman of the trade union, said that the use of tooling not only reduced labor intensity, but also improved work efficiency. "More importantly, by improving the driving radiation effect of the studio, 1. Whether the fixture is convenient and safe to use, many employees have unconsciously integrated the improvement thinking into their daily work, which undoubtedly plays an important role in promoting the implementation of the company's' high-quality 'harvester strategy." Guopeng said

lizongjun welding Studio: the self-made nte330 tooling provides an important support for the development of new products

when it comes to today's North stock, the most commendable thing is its independently developed NTE series electric wheel mining vehicles. After the remarkable market-oriented achievements of nte240 and nte260 products, North China Stock Co., Ltd. took advantage of the trend and launched the nte330 project decisively according to the market demand information. In the process of intensive development, the project team encountered many difficulties. Compared with the three models successfully developed before, the nte330 has a larger "body shape" and higher technical difficulty. "The most important thing is the lack of a series of auxiliary tooling for frame welding. Without these necessary tooling, the whole development work would be impossible. The auxiliary tooling is better than a bridge. To achieve efficient and accurate component welding and assembly, we can't do without this" bridge " Shan aiming, manager of structural parts workshop, said when talking about the important role of tooling

the company has never tried to make self-made auxiliary tooling for large electric wheel mining vehicles with a load of more than 300 tons. At the critical moment, lizongjun's welding studio undertook the important task. "This job is not easy to do. We almost started from scratch." Lizongjun said

it is understood that the drawings were obtained on March 20, and all tooling were self-made on May 12. The time is tight and the task is heavy. Moreover, due to the new tooling, no relevant processes are entered in the ERP system. Lizongjun's team can only track and coordinate the progress manually. The three processes are time-consuming and laborious, taking up a lot of time. Fortunately, the members of the studio have a very good understanding of tooling production. The welding is not only efficient, but also of good quality, which ensures the self-made progress of a series of tooling

it is understood that at present, the series of tooling made by the studio have been put into use, which can fully meet the needs of frame manufacturing

lizongjun welding studio is an elite team. Among the seven members, liuwenzhong is the technology leader of the Ordnance Group, Shan Aimin is the manager of the structural parts workshop, lizongjun, Yan Jiong, zhangqingbin, kangbaoyu and Ma Qianlong all have senior technician titles, and many of them are also skill leaders

"when this team was formed, it was hoped that they would play the role of a sharp sword team when the company faced urgent, difficult and arduous tasks, and be able to fight hard and win." Guopeng, chairman of the trade union, said when talking about the original intention of establishing the studio

"in the future, we will further strengthen management and assessment to provide a more perfect platform for the studio to play its role. At the same time, we will continue to encourage innovation and tolerate failure, and strive to build the studio into a gathering place for innovative achievements." Guopeng said with great expectation

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