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Innovative technology research and development will stimulate the overall development vitality of the pharmaceutical machinery industry. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the domestic and international environment is generally favorable for the development of China's pharmaceutical machinery industry, which is a key period for structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading. However, many uncertain factors in the development make the pharmaceutical machinery industry face a strategic transformation period with both opportunities and challenges

the decrease in product orders of domestic pharmaceutical machinery enterprises seems to be due to the recession of the global manufacturing industry, but it is more due to the impact of foreign countries on the domestic market, especially the weakness of domestic enterprises in key technology fields, which has become the Hidden Battle of domestic enterprises in the downturn environment

in fact, with the increasingly obvious competition of industrial final products, in the industrial production chain, the upstream industries in the key basic material technology upgrading and industrialization, such as mechanical parts, metal processing, parts and components, can also quickly re compete in the packaging recovery chain. In many industrial products including automobile, engineering machinery, electronic products and aviation, The parts processing and casting technology at its source can be called sophisticated and complicated. Compared with the international manufacturers that provide it with the key technology of light aluminum powder, most of the companies active in the upstream are hidden behind many halos

in the pharmaceutical machinery 4. Jinan trial tightening experiment: an important development opportunity period for the machinery industry, the R & D of innovative technologies will stimulate the overall development vitality of the industry and provide an inexhaustible driving force for the development of intelligent and precision industry technologies. Therefore, it is urgent to improve the R & D capability and manufacturing level of functional components and accelerate the industrialization process of functional components

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