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Innovation persistence · cohesion forward Sinomach brand integration press conference held

innovation persistence · cohesion forward Sinomach brand integration press conference held

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five years, the Chinese construction machinery industry is staggering forward, and SINOMACH Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sinomach") is also reborn in restructuring and has developed into a backbone of the industry. Sinomach and Sinomach brands have gradually gained fame both inside and outside the industry and in many places around the world, and ushered in an epoch-making integration process

innovation, persistence, and cohesion were held at the press conference of Sinomach brand integration on November 22, Sinomach brand integration press conference was grandly held at the same time of BMW exhibition, which attracted great attention from all parties in the industry. Zeng Xiangdong, deputy general manager of China National Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd., Qijun, chairman of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, wupeiguo, chairman of China National Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd., Wang Weiyan, vice chairman of the Party committee secretary of China National Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd., as well as domestic and foreign agents, customers and industry guests attended the ceremony, witnessing this historic moment

as a symbol that comes down in one continuous line with Sinomach, the blue and white M shape symbolizes Sinomach's soaring at the peak like an eagle spreading its wings, implying that under the leadership and support of Sinomach, Sinomach will climb the peak and take off. The combination of Sinomach logo and Chinese and English means that Sinomach group leads the development direction of Sinomach heavy industry and achieves a brilliant future

never forget the original intention and move forward tenaciously

since its establishment in 2011, the most important and longest failures of Changlin sensor have mainly been the overload of experimental force, luojian, Dingsheng Tiangong, Changjiang... These brands that have been writing honorary chapters in the history of China's construction machinery have come together to work together, We have withstood the most severe test of the construction machinery market. The imbalance between supply and demand has changed from the past state of oversupply to the current situation of supply shortage, and new achievements have been made. According to wupeiguo, chairman of Sinomach, the market size of the entire Chinese construction machinery industry has decreased by nearly 67% in the past five years (), while Sinomach has only decreased by 30%; the export volume has maintained a double-digit growth, and the export growth rate in 2015 was as high as 60%, which is obviously better than the general trend

over the past five years, Sinomach has always adhered to the medium and high-end orientation of Sinomach brand and the focus of customer attention, continuously improved the brand management system, promoted product technology upgrading and quality improvement, implemented the internal certification of Sinomach product brand, increased Sinomach product publicity and brand culture construction, shaped the brand image, and achieved the unification of Sinomach brand in overseas markets except listed companies, and basically realized the joint brand in domestic markets. During this process, a number of middle and high-end products representing Sinomach brand of Sinomach have been introduced to the world and put on the market, such as the advent of the world's largest horsepower (550 horsepower) grader, the production of a full series of H-type excavators of tons, the bulldozers of 320 horsepower, and the bulldozers and rollers of electric drive, etc. Sinomach's brand recognition and influence have gradually increased in the industry

Qijun, President of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, said in his speech: "adhering to expanding the industrial chain around the core business, promoting the coordination and integration of internal resources, and constantly stimulating new creativity and productivity, Sinomach has embarked on a development path that is both in line with the industry law and combined with its own characteristics", creating a mirror belonging to China's mechanical engineering industry

innovation in persistence

only by not forgetting history can we open up the future, and only by being good at inheritance can we innovate and develop. Now the new Sinomach is striding towards a new journey in inheritance and development

the history of the machinery industry created by the four brands of Changlin, Dingsheng, luojian and Changjiang is an unforgettable and undeniable magnificent chapter in the development history of Sinomach, which has laid a solid material, technical, market and cultural foundation for the development of Sinomach, and is also an important support for Sinomach to carry forward the past and forge ahead. In the future, no matter where the new Sinomach will go, their blood and genes will always flow in their bodies

wangweiyan, Secretary of Sinomach, made a speech

under the "new normal", Sinomach's thinking on brand integration is not only an accurate refinement of the history of the four traditional brands, but also a forward-looking planning for the future. As Wang Weiyan, Secretary of Sinomach, said, "the driving force supporting us to stand on the highest stage of the global equipment manufacturing industry, but also our urgent need for brand integration." Not only that, under the background of "the the Belt and Road" for China's construction machinery enterprises' global integrated operation, it is particularly important to truly realize the integrated brand operation and maintenance, take the brand value as the leader, and promote the global allocation of resources in all links of the value chain. The implementation of Sinomach integration is based on the choice of new era and new market, is also the embodiment of cultural cohesion, and is more related to the upgrading of equipment manufacturing quality

focus and start again

the integration of "Sinomach" brand of Sinomach is a milestone to inherit the past brilliant development path and start a new journey. Chairman wupeiguo stressed: "the launch of the integration of Sinomach's traditional four brands and Sinomach brand is a new starting point for Sinomach to adhere to innovation and forge ahead in the severe winter of the industry!"

standing at a new historical starting point, Sinomach will fully implement brand integration, integrate brand resources, form brand synergy and enhance Sinomach brand value. This includes not only increasing the investment in Sinomach brand promotion, but also further improving the product technical standards and quality requirements, improving the GZB certification standards for Sinomach products, and comprehensively realizing the transformation of Sinomach's traditional leading products to medium and high-end products around the goal of achieving the best domestic appearance quality and leading domestic technical performance. At the same time, Sinomach has unswervingly deepened internal reform, adjusted transformation and upgrading, concentrated resources, resources and energy, refined and strengthened its main business, expanded the industrial chain around the core business of construction machinery, and created more Sinomach brand value

speech by wupeiguo, chairman of Sinomach

this is not only related to the realization of Sinomach's dream of "building a new Sinomach" at the end of the 13th five year plan, but also promotes the transformation of Sinomach from manufacturing to service manufacturing, and also injects new strength into the development of China's construction machinery industry. "Continue the essence of the traditional brand, highlight the brand of 'China Machinery', work together with you, bring more development opportunities and share the win-win symbiotic development situation for partners from all walks of life, and make due contributions to the development and progress of China's construction machinery industry", which is the commitment of Sinomach

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