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Inorganic functional coating or "formaldehyde killer"

inorganic power as the first functional film material physical property testing technology research base in China, functional coating or "formaldehyde killer"

January 5, 2013

[China coating information] there are two misunderstandings in correcting data in decoration. One is that qualified materials are harmless. Qualified materials mean that the limit of toxic and harmful substances is below the standard, but not completely absent. If the same material is widely used in a house, the indoor harmful substances will exceed the standard and cause pollution due to the cumulative effect. The second is "decoration before treatment". After decoration, materials containing toxic and harmful substances volatilize indoors for 3 to 15 years, which is very difficult and almost impossible to effectively control

if you want to solve the problem of coating from the root, you can actually choose a new type of coating, such as inorganic functional coating. This kind of coating is made of high-efficiency adsorbable natural inorganic silicon and special materials that can spontaneously produce negative oxygen ions. After screening, metering, mixing, testing, packaging and other compounding technologies and green and clean production process, it is scientifically processed into an inorganic dry powder, water-soluble, environment-friendly functional interior wall coating for formaldehyde removal. It not only has the appearance and texture like wallpaper, but also can automatically release negative oxygen ions, decompose formaldehyde and purify the air

as for formaldehyde removal products, most of them eliminate formaldehyde through chemical reaction. Erdogan was elected in Turkey's first national direct presidential election, which is likely to cause secondary pollution. At present, there are mainly two kinds of formaldehyde "killers" in the market. One is the sealer, which is sprayed on the product surface to seal the formaldehyde so that it cannot be released. In principle, this is feasible, but the furniture is constantly worn in the process of use, and the original sealant has lost its original function

the second is formaldehyde trapping agent, some of which are called formaldehyde eliminating agent. It neutralizes and eliminates formaldehyde through chemical reaction, but some of these chemicals will damage furniture or leave stains on clothes. Other formaldehyde removal products only add some essence into the agent liquid and spray it into the house to cover up the original taste, which can not play the role of removing formaldehyde at all

after decoration, furniture, flooring, wood core board, plywood ④ makee formula, particleboard, density board, etc. are continuously releasing formaldehyde, and the release period can be as long as 8 to 15 years. The use of formaldehyde eliminators is often just a stopgap measure. Temporarily removing the released formaldehyde is not so much a formaldehyde eliminator as a psychological placebo for consumers

the function of inorganic functional coatings to eliminate formaldehyde has lasted for more than years. It not only does not contain harmful substances, but also neutralizes formaldehyde released from other furniture and building materials. In addition, it can also adjust indoor air humidity and release negative oxygen ions. The brand has obtained the certificate of China green product mark. After testing, the negative oxygen ion increment of the room using this coating reaches 1026/cm3 Instead of struggling with which product to eliminate harmful substances, it is better to fundamentally choose a wall coating that not only does not contain formaldehyde, but also spits out negative oxygen ions

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