Prometheus leads the new trend of stainless steel

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The 17th China International Kitchen and bathroom facilities exhibition 2012 was grandly held in Shanghai Pudong New International Exhibition Center from May 23 to 26. The exhibition is the third largest kitchen and bathroom exhibition in the world after Frankfurt and Milan, and an important platform for major brands to release new products, display achievements and expand the market. As the leading brand of stainless steel sanitary ware, pulemei still focuses on the fresh and natural green and healthy style of this exhibition, highlighting the advantages of stainless steel sanitary ware in health and environmental protection. The black gold sand image stone trough, which symbolizes the brand's deep cultural heritage, is reflected with green bamboos, making the whole booth simple and atmospheric

smart sink leads high-quality and healthy life. Modern life pursues quality and enjoyment. In the busy and trivial space of the kitchen, an intelligent, healthy and safe sink can make life easier and worry free. At the moment of frequent food safety problems, simple cleaning function can no longer meet the needs of consumers for deep purification of food. The new kb170 intelligent water tank on the red diamond shaped booth in the center of the booth undoubtedly became the star of the audience. As an intelligent food purification water tank, it perfectly combines the efficient food purification function with the cleaning function of the traditional water tank to maximize the satisfaction of consumers' needs for food safety, and uses the touch-screen control panel to easily enjoy the quality lifestyle

Dr. stainless steel interprets healthy faucets. At this exhibition, Prometheus launched the cartoon mascot "Dr. stainless steel", which won great praise. Its image is professional but cute. In particular, the feature film of stainless steel faucets explained by it analyzes various health risks of using faucets in life, so that consumers can have a clearer understanding of the advantages of stainless steel faucets in health and environmental protection. The film was broadcast at the Prometheus booth, attracting many visitors to stop and watch. As a global leader in stainless steel sanitary ware, Prometheus is committed to providing global users with green, healthy and high-quality water solutions, guided by health and environmental protection and guaranteed by quality service. With the core technology of manufacturing stainless steel faucets, showers, sinks and other products, the top design and R & D team, and a high sense of social responsibility, Pule beauty will continue to innovate and bring more happiness and beauty to consumers with more high-quality products




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