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Mr. Wei, who lives in Hanyang, is about to get married, so the decoration of the wedding room has become a top priority, because he has only a decoration budget of 50000 yuan. After price comparison among several decoration companies, Mr. Wei finally chose a decoration company in Wuhan. The full package of 70 bungalows and 2 bedrooms is only 35000 yuan, and he also gives away wardrobes, shoe cabinets and wine cabinets. Mr. Wei felt very affordable. After signing the decoration contract, he waited for his bag to check in

but things didn't go as smoothly as Mr. Wei thought. Shortly after the start of work, the foreman came to Mr. Wei and asked for an increase in money, because the set meal didn't include ceiling modeling, TV walls, kitchen floor drains, water pipes and many other items. All these items needed an increase in money, and an additional 12000 yuan was needed. The angry Mr. Wei found the theory of the decoration company, but the decoration contract signed did not stipulate the details of the items included in the package. The decoration company( what you want. Mr. Wei can't ride a tiger. He can only eat Coptis silently and continue to pack up

many owners have the experience of Mr. Wei. In order to attract the signing, the decoration company adopted a general package quotation at the beginning, and the description was also very simple and vague. Generally, it only quoted the unit price, and the selection of materials and processes were not explained. Some even deliberately omit some key items, so that the overall quoted price is relatively low, which can attract customers to sign the bill, and during the process of the project, new projects will continue to emerge, which is what we often call "low price hedging". Just this extra cost, the decoration company will earn 20%, and the construction team will get 15%

"malicious omission of items in the quotation gives people the illusion that the overall price is cheap, such as the omission of items such as door jambs and window jambs, which will be mentioned to the owner when the construction is carried out, when the owner has to add items." A decoration company in Wuhan( designer revealed

therefore, Wuhan home decoration network reminds owners to carefully read the quotation after getting it to see if there are any projects that must be done and have been intentionally deleted. In addition, the owner should inform the designer of his detailed requirements and the range of increase or decrease before the quotation, so as to limit the quotation made by the designer to a certain extent and avoid unnecessary overspending in the future





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