How to design an integrated wardrobe customization

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Today, the overall wardrobe has become one of the mainstream designs of the bedroom wardrobe. By virtue of its atmospheric appearance and practicality, it has won a lot of fans. So, how to design and customize the overall wardrobe? Next, I will teach you how to customize from several key points

first, design the wardrobe space according to the family population

1. If it is designed for the elderly, pay attention to the number of clothes. The elderly at home usually have more clothes stacked, and even many clothes are rarely worn. Therefore, the elderly can be designed with more layers inside to store clothes that they don't wear or wear less separately; The design height of the laminate should be controlled near the waist line (90-100cm from the ground). If it is too low, it is bad for the spine of the elderly

2. If the whole wardrobe is used by young couples, we should pay attention to the diversification of the inner layer. There are many kinds of clothes for young people, which are generally divided into independent storage spaces for left and right men and women. The interior of the wardrobe can be divided into two modules: long and short, so that windbreaker, skirt and shirt can be placed separately; The drawer can be set at the bottom to put socks, ties, watches, belts and other accessories. Here's a reminder that young couples have the most clothes, so it's best to choose the wall with the largest bedroom to design

3. If you make a wardrobe for children, you should take toys into account. In the design, there can be more drawers, laminates and some big bottom cabinets, which are used for the storage of toys. Children produce and develop rapidly, so the clothes hanging area should be reserved, so as not to be eliminated immediately. For children's wardrobe, we should pay attention to the color matching, and it is recommended to use warm colors

II. Quality of hardware pendant

a qualified overall wardrobe cannot do without the assistance of hardware pendant. The quality of cabinet door handles, drawer axles, clothes hanging rods and pulleys are all hardware that will directly affect the use experience. Therefore, when choosing collocations, we should strictly screen them and identify regular brand manufacturers. If space permits, you can try the pants rack, which is really very practical

third, do a good job in dust prevention

about dust prevention, if you use bookshelves without cabinet doors, you will feel like crying about the dust problem. As an integral wardrobe, the flat open cabinet door has better dust-proof ability than the sliding door type. We must not imitate the semi open wardrobe of some model houses, which is very impractical, and the problem of ash layer in the future is not easy to solve; If you are in a city with heavy smog, the open door integral wardrobe is more suitable

article summary: the above is all about how to design and customize the overall wardrobe. Wardrobes are generally furniture that can be used for a long time, so they must be measured and designed reasonably before construction





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