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Everyone is familiar with hydropower transformation, because it is a concealed project. Once it is installed, it is almost impossible to modify it. Once something happens, it is a major event (flooding, short circuit, fire, etc.), and maintenance is also very difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to spend more on water and electricity. Follow Mr. Chen's diary and have a look at his family

house information: 68 ㎡

decoration style: Modern

decoration method: half package

Community: Ruijin Beicun community in Nanjing

decoration progress: Hydropower transformation

decoration duration: 1 month

January 16, 2014 hydropower University explanation

my house is an old house. The original ones were open water pipes and wires. This time they were all removed and rebuilt. Personally, I study electronic circuits. Although strong electricity is not my old line, I am very familiar with the principle of strong electricity in my family. I have also decorated it for several times. I am still proficient in electricity, especially weak electricity

after the water pipe enters the house, a main valve is installed to control the water consumption of the whole house, which is convenient for waterway maintenance. Behind the main valve, a pre filter of the water purifier is installed, which is mainly used to filter large particles (sediment and other impurities) in the pipeline, providing a guarantee for subsequent water purifiers and extending the service life of the filter element of the water purifier. In addition, pipes and power supplies are reserved for the line pipe drinking machine supporting the water purifier

hot and cold water pipes enter the ceiling from the back of the floor heating boiler, not the ground, and are insulated with heat insulation materials

the water pipe is fixed on the ceiling. Because the ceiling is a prefabricated plate, it is not easy to install expansion bolts. The hydropower master used a relatively primitive method, but it is also more effective





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