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National Instruments expands the functions of PXI and PXI express systems

recently, National Instruments announced the launch of ni8352 and ni8353 high-performance, multi-core, server level controllers, which are used in PXI and pxiexpress systems. The newly launched ni8352 and ni8353 rack controllers can be bound with appropriate MXI express or mxi-4 remote controllers for PXI or pxiexpress box remote control. This controller provides high computing power, making it easy for the product to obtain high continuous input/output bandwidths (such as 832mb/s) after binding with the MXI Express software package. With standardized independent redundant disk arrays (RAID) and hardware drivers based on Windows operating system, these controllers are a perfect choice for high-end experiments and tests

the new ni8352 and ni8353 rack mounted controllers are based on Intel dual core core2duo and quad core Core2 metering systems that can handle three kinds of liquid raw materials. These multi-core processors are designed to perform multiple computing tasks on independent CPUs at the same time. By using Ni to accelerate the wear of both, the multithreading feature of LabVIEW software enables test engineers to operate based on the total number of cores available, which is conducive to faster and more flexible use

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