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The United States re sanctioned Iran, and PetroChina took over the largest natural gas project

the United States re sanctioned Iran, and PetroChina took over the largest natural gas project

August 15, 2018

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after the United States officially resumed sanctions against Iran, European enterprises have "exited to protect themselves", and Chinese enterprises began to "take over"

according to Bloomberg 12, the news agency of the Islamic Republic of Iran quoted Mohammed, head of investment and Commerce of the National Petroleum Corporation again? According to Mohammad Mostafavi, PetroChina has replaced total of France as the largest developer of Iran's South Pars natural gas exploration project, owning 80.1% of the equity of the project

a few hours later, Reuters quoted the same official to clarify, "the contract terms of the project have not been officially changed."

it was reported that total's requirements for the chemical resistance of materials would be correspondingly improved. The spokesman did not comment, and PetroChina has not responded to this matter so far

at present, total owns 50.1% of the equity of the project. The company will gradually withdraw from its Iranian business before November 4, but in order to show how to dispose of its own equity after withdrawal

trump achieved the fast drying performance comparable to that of polyester sweat absorbing fast drying silk. Pu announced its withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement in May this year, officially restarted economic sanctions against Iran in August, and set November 4 as the deadline for countries around the world to terminate trade relations with Iran

On August 7, trump also tweeted that the sanctions had returned: anyone doing business with Iran should not do business with the United States

after trump announced that the United States would withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement, total and many other European companies began to withdraw their funds from Iran, and total had invested about 40million euros (about 300million yuan) in the South Pars natural gas exploration project at that time

previously, Iran's petropars parent company, Iran National Petroleum Corporation, said that total would not receive any compensation before gas production. The company said that if total withdrew from Iran, its rights and interests in the project would be obtained by PetroChina

South Pars in Iran has the largest natural gas reserves in the world. In early July 2017, NIOC and total signed a cooperation agreement to jointly develop the phase 11 project of Iran's South Pars gas field

according to French media reports, the contract lasts for 20 years, with a total value of about 4.8 billion euros. At present, both PetroChina and total have invested in the development of the project

according to the agreement, total of France holds 50.1%, PetroChina holds 30% and National Iranian oil company holds 19.9%. This is Iran's first energy investment project from western countries after the lifting of sanctions by the international community, and it is also the largest investment by Western consortia in Iran since the lifting of sanctions against Iran

however, total has stated that it will withdraw from the project unless it can obtain an exemption from U.S. sanctions after the resumption of U.S. sanctions against Iran

media reported that total had previously withdrawn from the South Pars mining project due to international sanctions in 2009

Gholamreza Ma, deputy director of Iran national oil company, said in June that if total withdrew, PetroChina might take over 50% of total's shares

last month, Patrick pouyanne, CEO of total, proposed to let the Chinese group join Western companies to avoid the prospect of fleeing Iran due to sanctions

Iranian oil minister Bijan? Zangane (left) said hello to Poyang (right), CEO of total of France. "Within the framework of American law, we can't work in Iran," Poyang said on July 7, "For companies like us, it is impossible for most or even all multinational companies, even Chinese companies, to continue working in Iran (under the framework of American Law). Our partners have not clearly told us that they will take over the shares of our project."

PetroChina has been operating oil, gas and oil fields in Iran since 2004. In 2006, PetroChina was licensed to provide offshore logging and other services in South Pars, with a three-year contract

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