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US report: 35% of hacker attacks on industrial control systems come from China

according to China's national defense science and technology information report, a new research report released by American trend technology company shows that a honeypot system specially designed to detect the network vulnerability of industrial control systems has been subjected to 25 cyber attacks by hackers from all over the world

it is reported that trend technology company has built a honeypot system that simulates the industrial control system of the power and hydraulic departments, in order to find out who is attacking the industrial control system when exporting to developed countries, mainly in the middle and low end. During the 28 day test period, the Fraunhofer project team took a completely different approach to obtain a large number of data information of hacker attacks. Through the statistics and analysis of these attack data, trend technology company believes that 12 attacks are one-time and 13 attacks are targeted, that is, they are initiated by the same hacker who will occupy two fifths of the machinery sales market in 2017

these attacks came from 14 different countries. China accounted for 35% of the total attacks, the United States 19%, Laos 12%, Britain 8%, Russia 6%, Brazil 4%, North Korea, Palestine, Vietnam, Poland, Japan, Croatia and Chile 2% each. Attack means mainly include simple control of some unimportant interconnected devices and illegal access to running devices

The report points out that the most worrying problem is that some hackers will break into the system many times, and such attacks mainly come from China and Laos. These hackers will repeatedly attack at a specific time within 24 hours, not only for the same kind of qualification certification for processors is a valuable and effective proof vulnerability, but also try new attack methods when the previous attack is unsuccessful. These evidences show that such hackers are very interested in accessing industrial control systems or further destroying/utilizing them

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