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Meibao: foreign crane enterprises change products according to China's needs

Meibao: foreign crane enterprises change products according to China's needs

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Guide: Meibao said that for many years, American Dover company has been selling heavy hydraulic cranes, pumps and other products to China's large industrial and construction companies, making a lot of profits. But now, China is changing to ensure that customers get excellent products, and Dover is trying to keep up. According to the US "Wall Street" station on April 1, China

Meibao said that for many years, Dover company of the United States has been selling unlicensed products such as heavy hydraulic cranes and pumps to large industrial and construction companies in China, making a lot of profits. But now, China is changing, and Dover is trying to keep up

according to the Wall Street website of the United States on April 1, China is an important factor for the company to change its investment portfolio. The company from Donalds grove, Illinois, sold some business units in the construction industry and electronic products with the continuous improvement of production technology in the past two years

now, it pays more attention to consumer related fields, such as food labeling and packaging technology. These technologies help companies provide nutritional information to shoppers and help combat fake and shoddy goods. It is suitable for small batch production. Dover said that from now on to 2015, more than 40% of the growth in the global commodity identification and coding market is expected to come from China

it is reported that in China, investment oriented economic growth is slowing down, making it more difficult for multinational companies to earn large profits through large-scale engineering projects, such as highways, airports and office parks. In seeking a new engine of economic growth, Beijing is counting on Chinese consumers to help restore the balance of the national economy

analysts predict that the growing number of Chinese urban consumers will seek a better lifestyle, bid farewell to jobs in factories, and pursue cars and housing, thereby promoting economic growth. Many Western companies are making adjustments accordingly. United Technologies Otis Elevator department is manufacturing more compact elevators because they are more suitable for low-cost buildings. This is in response to the efforts of the Chinese government to provide affordable housing for more Chinese people

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