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National Instruments of the United States joined the TD Technology Forum, leading the "virtual instrument trend" in the field of mobile communication testing

April 2012 - in order to accelerate the localization of virtual instrument technology in the field of mobile communication testing, Ni China joined the TD Technology Forum in April 2012. Since 1998, Ni set up its first overseas R & D center in Shanghai, and Ni has been paying great attention to the development of localization in China since it first took shape in China, and has actively participated in the cooperation of local industry organizations and associations. Especially in the field of mobile communication, Ni has been continuously investing R & D resources to support the latest protocols and standards, including TD-LTE

td technology forum is an international cooperation organization of mobile communication technology with TD technology as the core. The purpose of TD technology forum is to promote the productization, commercialization and internationalization of TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE technologies. In 2000, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) officially accepted TD-SCDMA as one of the main standards of the third generation mobile communication (3G) in the world. The communication standard of China's independent intellectual property rights was accepted as the international communication standard for the first time, and became a milestone in China's communication history. Over the past decade, TD Technology Forum has become a platform for technical exchange and cooperation between enterprises and institutions inside and outside the industry chain

virtual instrument technology defines hardware functions with software, which is very consistent with the concept of software radio. Today, with the continuous influx of various new wireless communication standards, the life cycle of each standard has been shortened, which brings great challenges to the research and development and testing of related equipment. As the initiator of virtual instrument technology, Ni has been committed to providing engineers and scientists in the field of communication RF with various tools to improve test efficiency and accelerate design innovation. Using the modular RF components based on Ni PXI, users can define the functions of the instrument through software, and realize the flexible expansion and upgrading of wireless test applications. For the rapidly evolving communication protocol, they only need to upgrade the corresponding latest wireless toolkit to carry out the latest standard tests

ni wireless test system has industry-leading measurement speed and excellent flexibility. With these advantages, Ni has developed a variety of industry-leading solutions for mobile communication testing. Dr. James truchard, CEO and founder of Ni, said that our modular test platform provides faster test time and lower investment cost, and helps engineers study, verify and test the latest wireless standards and devices by combining with LabVIEW. Ni is cooperating with some industry-leading partners to test the latest wireless communication chip ----- Professor Guohua Chen of Huaqiao University and equipment. Ni presented the latest test solutions supporting LTE (TDD, FDD), LTE advanced, 802.11ac and other wireless communication protocols at the world mobile communication conference (MWC) held in Barcelona

the cooperation with TD Technology Forum marks that Ni will invest more resources in the domestic battery material market to reach US $30billion and seek greater development space. It also marks the importance that Ni attaches to the promotion and development of localization in the field of wireless testing

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since 1976, national instruments, or Ni () for short, has been committed to providing engineers and scientists with various tools to improve efficiency, accelerate innovation and exploration. Ni's graphical system design method provides an integrated software and hardware platform for the engineering community, which is helpful to accelerate the development of measurement and control systems. For a long time, Ni has been expecting and striving to improve social development through its own technology, so as to ensure the success of customers, employees, suppliers for future reference and shareholders

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