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The issue of the proliferation of guns in the United States has been a hot topic in recent years. This month, two fatal shootings occurred in the United States, making this issue a target of public criticism again. However, as the general election is approaching, the two presidential candidates will never talk about gun control, because the biggest opponent of the gun ban, the United States "National Rifle Association" It has strong strength to control the trend of politics

with the 100 day countdown to the U.S. general election, the confrontation between the democratic and Republican parties is becoming more and more gunpowder. But recently, American voters suddenly found that an careless person is likely to elect a "liar" as their own president

for Obama, who is seeking re-election, the issue of "fake birthplace" has now been raised and made a big fuss; As a prospective Republican presidential candidate, Romney has also been annoyed recently. He is suspected of taking advantage of overseas business opportunities to evade taxes. In today's white-edged war in the general election, both candidates are in a "crisis of confidence" at a critical moment

nowadays, many American voters hope that presidential candidates can publish all relevant information, but it is not easy to see the "real" information

Obama: the dispute over the place of birth is endless.

the U.S. Constitution stipulates that only those who were born American citizens are eligible to run for president. Since Obama participated in the presidential election, doubts about his birthplace have not stopped. It didn't seem that the debate came to an end until the White House presented Obama's full version of his birth certificate on April 27, 2011

however, on July 17, the office of Joe alpaio, a police chief in Maricopa County, Arizona, who claimed to have conducted a nine month investigation of Obama's birth certificate, said that President Obama's birth certificate was forged. This conclusion comes from the office's investigation, which found that the coding on Obama's birth certificate is wrong, so it can be used as evidence that the birth certificate is forged or tampered with

earlier, Obama's previous manuscript agent said that when introducing Obama in the brochure published in 1991, he said that he was "born in Kenya and grew up in Indonesia and Hawaii". It is reported that this pamphlet contains the profiles of 89 authors including Obama, and was also distributed to the major "business partners" of the publishing house after publication

however, Hawaiian officials once again confirmed the validity of Obama's birth certificate. "President Obama was born in Hawaii, and his birth certificate is valid," Joshua wisch, special assistant to the Attorney General of Hawaii, said in a statement

on the same day, John Sununu, the former governor of New Hampshire, a Democrat, said at the meeting of Romney's campaign team: "I hope Obama can learn how to become an 'American'." Although Sununu later apologized for this remark, it was not an unintentional slip of the tongue. In an interview with Fox television channel, he said: "Obama does not understand how American society works. We are not surprised at this, because he was born in Hawaii and spent his childhood in Indonesia."

Romney: the total amount of assets is unclear

recently, Romney is also struggling to deal with doubts about his tax records from inside and outside the party. According to 2010 data, Romney earned $21.6 million in that year, but his tax payment was only $3million. Therefore, many Americans suspect that Romney tried to evade taxes

Romney's overseas assets and his previous business experience in Bain Capital have also become the "handle" of competitors. In early July, Obama's campaign team and senior Democratic leaders asked Romney to disclose his personal tax records and overseas assets. Because it is reported that Romney has an account in Switzerland and uses this account to invest in secret companies in the Cayman Islands, which is known as a "tax haven". But no information about the company is known. Moreover, the top level of the Democratic Party took this opportunity to ask Romney to disclose his tax records in recent years to confirm whether he concealed additional income overseas

for the doubts of the Democratic Party, the Romney team said that this is a "disgusting" and "misleading" negative attack. Generally, the speed range is narrow, there is no low speed if there is high speed, or there is no high speed strike if there is low speed. Romney personally said that he had released hundreds of pages of tax rebates in 2010 and 2011, and believed that "this is enough" and would not continue to pay attention to the "unreasonable" requirements of the Obama team. After an exclusive interview with conservative magazine on this issue, he said that he was not interested in publishing more documents and believed that the Obama team was doing everything possible to criticize and attack it. In Romney's personal view, the purpose of the Obama team's move is to divert people's attention from the current economic downturn

although Romney speaks with certainty, conservatives within the Republican Party do not agree with his silence and avoidance. In the past few days, some well-known conservatives have obviously lost their breath and have put pressure on Romney to quickly disclose tax rebate documents for more years. Before the Republican National Committee, these people, including the Republican National Committee, learned the principle of the pull machine through the following parts: Chairman Gbagbo, governor Perry of Texas, etc

U.S. General Election:

the driving force behind the "trust crisis"

for U.S. voters, the background information of candidates should naturally be made public and become the talking capital before the election. Because, candidates in TV debates and street canvassing activities are more about reflecting their personality, but if only to reflect their personality, it is obviously not enough

in the era of diversified access to information resources, voters are more alert than ever to the words of Obama and Romney as candidates. During the election, both the media and voters hope to find out the contradictions in the candidates' remarks. The advertisements and publicity campaigns put by the candidate teams are also trying to prove that their competitors are lying

American media commented that the more Americans do not believe in politics, the more they need documents and evidence to approach the truth. But now, all this is more and more difficult to achieve

now it seems that the "crisis of trust" is facing far more than the individual candidate. It seems that the US election itself has encountered a "crisis of trust". Since May, the Obama camp has made a big fuss about Romney's private equity investment experience, publishing a number of campaign advertisements, accusing Romney of profiting from the splitting and sale of American enterprises and destroying many American jobs; The Romney camp seized the economic performance of Obama during his term of office and tried to nail the other side to the shame of the "sinner" of the U.S. economy

all these merciless mutual "criticism" is a unique product of American politics, so it is not difficult to understand why the doubts of "fraud" and "tax evasion" faced by the two people today have been amplified to such an extent. A number of recent polls show that Obama and Romney have almost the same support rate nationwide, and the number of voters who have not yet decided who to vote for is no more than 10%. Therefore, it is conceivable that even if voters and the media do not want to make a fuss about all kinds of negative news, the democratic and Republican parties will not let go of any "wrongs" of the other party

it is reported that after analyzing the 2010 tax data of the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, it is speculated that he earned a total of $25million (about 160million yuan) from abroad during his tenure as governor and presidential candidate of Massachusetts from 2005 to 2010

the foreign tax payment listed in Romney's 2010 tax return can be traced back to 2000. Before 2004, Romney Ping automobile lightweight design material utilization: high-strength steel, light alloy, composite materials are subject to an annual tax of about 37000 US dollars (about 240000 yuan). However, by 2005, its foreign tax payment reached about 333000 US dollars (about 2.13 million yuan of commercialization of the production process of its patent application), which remained at this level for the next three years until the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2009

in 2010, Romney's foreign tax payment fell to about 67000 US dollars (about 430000 yuan), and his foreign income was about 1526000 US dollars (about 9.75 million yuan). After excluding various expenses, Romney said its net foreign income was $392000 (about 2.5 million yuan)

because Romney refused to disclose his previous tax situation, Huffington Post roughly estimated his annual foreign income according to his annual tax rate. In 2005, the tax payment abroad was 333000 US dollars, with a gross income of 7.5 million US dollars (about 47.92 million yuan) and a net income of 1.9 million US dollars (about 12.14 million yuan). From 2005 to 2010, Romney's gross foreign income was $25million (about 160million yuan), and his net income was at least $7million (about 44.73 million yuan)

Romney was elected governor of Massachusetts in 2002, and he did not receive a salary during his four-year term. Then he began to run for president until early 2008, when he joked that he was only an "unemployed voter" in Florida

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