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The US Navy "Poseidon" unmanned aerial vehicle was grounded due to the crash original title: the US Navy "Poseidon" unmanned aerial vehicle was grounded due to the crash [article/observer block open source] on September 14, the US "usni news" reported that after an mq-4c "Poseidon" unmanned aerial vehicle (that is, the Navy type of the "global Eagle" unmanned aerial vehicle) crashed in California this week, the US Navy temporarily suspended all flight operations of this type of unmanned aerial vehicle. According to the original plan, this UAV will be deployed to the Guam base for the first time before the end of the year, which is an important node for the US military to carry out information-based war in the Western Pacific in the future

the artificial vitreous is an implant used to replace or supplement the vitreous body in the eyeball. Nangang, which landed in California, participated in the preliminary communication. An mq-4c "Poseidon" UAV

it is reported that at present, the 19th unmanned patrol aircraft Squadron (vup-19) of the U.S. Navy is carrying out the test mission of the "Poseidon" UAV. At this Wednesday (September 12), A UAV of this type "broke down in flight, and the ground decided to let it return to the base. But when landing, the landing gear did not extend after the engine was shut down. The aircraft fell on the runway with its belly. No one was injured in the accident, and no additional damage was caused." Lieutenant Colonel Dave Hecht, spokesman of the naval aviation force of the US Atlantic Fleet, announced in a statement on the 14th

the cause of the accident is still under investigation. Because the cost of the "Poseidon" UAV is very expensive, the US Navy requires a comprehensive investigation of the accident. Lieutenant Colonel Hector revealed that the price of aircraft damage in this accident has exceeded the level a accident standard, that is, the damage has exceeded $2million

during the investigation, the vup-19 squadron will suspend flights indefinitely

mq-4c UAV is a strategic UAV of great significance to the U.S. military at a price of $120million per aircraft according to the purchase price of the U.S. military in fiscal 2015. The "Poseidon" UAV can perform maritime patrol tasks closer to the actual experimental conditions, and can use radar to monitor maritime targets in a wide range. More importantly, it is also an important information node in the U.S. sea, which can perform satellite, aircraft The communication relay task between ships and ground warfare can be called "flying battlefield wireless router"

it is reported that at present, mq-4c "Poseidon" UAV is conducting joint combat test with p-8a "Poseidon" patrol aircraft. P-8a can remotely control mq-4c to conduct pre census of the sea area it is preparing to search and patrol, forming a general situation map

according to the U.S. Navy plan, mq-4c UAV will be deployed to Guam base by the end of this year. The UAV currently flying in California is preparing for the first practical deployment of this type of aircraft. It is not clear how the accident will affect the deployment plan

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