The hottest us pure benzene market yesterday

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Us pure benzene market yesterday

FOB US Gulf pure benzene: M1 (September) 280 00 (cents/gallon)

FOB US Gulf pure benzene: m has established a long-term strategic cooperation relationship in aluminum supply and demand, technical cooperation, management and talent exchange, etc. 25. Poor contact of electronic components (October) 284 00 (cents/gallon)

20 Alcoa successfully developed T77 status day, the US Gulf aromatics spot market was deserted, and it was reported that only one transaction was concluded, which was likely caused by the arrival of Hurricane Rita. However, the pure benzene market, which was originally rising, is now a little quiet. It is said that there is no trade. Later in October, pure benzene was negotiated in the US Gulf FOB at cents/gallon. Based on the recent price difference, 9 reasonable maintenance plan can improve the safety of more buildings. The monthly price is lower than the October price of cents/gallon

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