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US oil inventories fell unexpectedly, crude oil rose

US oil inventories fell unexpectedly, crude oil rose

November 2, 2012

[China paint information] crude oil futures rose on Thursday; The U.S. government previously announced that oil inventories fell unexpectedly last week, while analysts warned that fuel supply after Hurricane sandy may be more tight

the settlement price of light sweet crude oil futures contract for December delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose 85 cents, or 1%, to $87.09 a barrel. Ice Brent crude oil futures fell 53 cents, or 0.5%, to $108.17 a barrel

the energy information administration (EIA) under the U.S. Department of Energy announced that U.S. oil inventories decreased by 2million barrels last week. According to a survey by Dow Jones newswires, market participants had expected inventories to fall by 1.7 million barrels

Matt Smith, an energy analyst at Schneider Electric, said, "due to the increase in production, we have habitually expected an increase in inventory. However, this inventory decline is due to the decrease in imports."

this inventory report has attracted much attention in the oil market because it provides clues to U.S. supply and demand. However, inventories could show test temperature surveys before Hurricane sandy hit the east coast on Monday and Tuesday. Its impact on the energy market may be widespread, but analysts warn that this may restrict fuel supply on the east coast, which is already tight

several refineries on the east coast of sandy closed due to hurricane. Phillips 66 refinery in Linden, New Jersey was temporarily shut down due to a power outage. However, the company said that some equipment in the refinery was restarted before Thursday. Phillips 66 said that its refinery in Bayway, New Jersey, had resumed power supply, but production had not yet resumed

at a time when fuel stocks in the United States, especially in the east coast, have been tight, the parking of refineries has greatly affected the supply of gasoline. The large demand for gasoline in emerging markets has led to a surge in exports, as the U.S. oil inventory is still abundant. According to the US energy information administration, gasoline inventories on the east coast fell to the lowest level in five years at the beginning of this month. At present, the inventory on the east coast is 47.9 million barrels, almost 9% lower than a year ago

according to the US energy information administration, crude oil inventories fell by 10% last week. The decline in imports was partly offset by a modest increase in oil production. Due to the growth of production in the central and western regions, oil inventories have increased steadily this year

gasoline inventory increased by 900000 barrels last week. Distillate oil inventories, including heating oil and diesel, fell by 100000 barrels. If the operating rate of the refinery rises from 0.5% to 87.7%, every enterprise will have a clear assessment of its composite material capacity. Previous survey data showed that analysts expected gasoline inventory to increase by 400000 barrels, distillate oil inventory to decrease by 1.1 million barrels, and refinery operating rate to stabilize at 87.2%

meanwhile, the U.S. Department of labor is scheduled to announce on Friday that its non-agricultural job market research company allied market research gave a forecast report through a report in October. Oil market participants followed this report for clues about oil and gasoline demand

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the data released by automatic data processing (ADP) showed that the number of private sector employment in the United States increased by 158000 in October. As ADP adjusted the statistical method of employment, the outside world failed to give a consensus expectation about the data in October

the settlement price of rbob gasoline futures contract in December rose 0.33 cents, or 0.1%, to $2.6336 per gallon; The settlement price of December heating oil futures contract fell 2.91 cents, or 1%, to $3.033 per gallon

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