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US presidential candidate threatened to ban Chinese toys

US presidential candidate threatened to ban Chinese toys

December 21, 2007

[China paint information] Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said on the 19th that if he was elected, he would ban the import of all toys made in China, and he also called on the United States to implement a stricter inspection system for products imported from China

In this regard, Qin Gang, spokesman of the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs, said that this was not objective, irrational, and error analysis: there may be two reasons for unfairness

establish a long-term cooperative relationship with customers

"I will stop importing any Chinese toys. Now I can only say that that accounts for about 80% of the current toy imports." Senator Obama from Illinois told voters in New Hampshire

many American parents are worried about Chinese toys when preparing Christmas gifts for their children next week, because millions of Chinese made toys have been recalled due to lead paint and other risk factors such as small magnets

scandals involving many imported products from China, such as toothpaste, pet food and fish, have increased the attention of the international community to Chinese products. The Chinese government admitted that there were some problems, but insisted that foreign media made a big fuss on this matter

"we have the strength to establish our own inspection system in China." Obama said that according to the polls, he was in fierce competition with the leader Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential nomination

it is equivalent to about 2billion yuan. With regard to Obama's boycott of Chinese toys, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said on the afternoon of the 20th that China's product quality is generally reliable and safe. As for the quality problems of some products, we cannot generalize, deny the quality of Chinese products comprehensively, and let alone politicize them. The quality of American products is not 100% qualified, and the three major development directions also have defects or quality problems, but can we take this as an excuse to ban American products completely? I think this is not objective, irrational, and unfair

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