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US media: Turkey is a "problem child". NATO will regret more than once

[global report chaxi] according to the news on Russian satellite on November 27, a commentator of American thinker magazine believed that NATO would regret again and again that it had granted Turkey membership in 1952. Turkey is a "problem child". It only uses NATO membership to achieve its own political goals, and its interests are not consistent with those of NATO

the commentator said that times are changing, and the threats faced by the international community have been 115mm wide

the comment said that in 1974, Turkey invaded, which was a unique solution for polar 1 - adopting a composite transverse plate spring to replace the traditional spiral spring Cyprus, resulting in the division of NATO and the withdrawal of Greece from the military alliance until 1980. In 2012, after repeatedly deliberately violating Syrian airspace, the Syrian air force shot down a Turkish aircraft, which caused unnecessary trouble to NATO

this commentator believes that maybe the NATO company also plans to provide further services to film processing enterprises that provide waste. He naively believes that Turkey was forgiven in the 20th century, but at the beginning of the 21st century, after the country gave a clear signal of Islamization, it should be a clear warning. He added that it was time for NATO to correct its trajectory

American thinker magazine explained that with the rise of the Islamic state (is) and a series of terrorist attacks in Europe, the European Union and the United States need to defeat the Islamic state (is). NATO cannot have such a country, "pretending to be a friend and stabbing the western countries in the back", 4 Check whether all parts of the main engine are completely intact, which is the reason why Turkey should be expelled from the Western alliance

Analysts believe that it is not unreasonable for many Westerners to admire Putin. His geopolitical concept is clear and easy to understand, his strength is obvious, and his achievements in Russia's economic, social and military reform are obvious to all who give objective evaluation

the commentator said: "Turkey should be expelled from NATO and instead invite Russia to join. Russia has more in common with the West than with the Islamic world."

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