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Five wide format printers in large format industry (Part 2)

paragraph 3: HP Designjet 100 - expand your color printing ability

HP Designjet 100 is a personal color multi-purpose printer, which can expand your color printing ability and easily print a variety of commonly used and large format media. It can print all kinds of documents, whether proposals or oversized CAD drawings, providing high-quality professional effects. Dj100 provides three independent channels and supports media with a maximum of 24 inches (A1), a maximum thickness of 0.4 mm and a maximum weight of 300 g/m2, including coated paper, heavy coated paper and glossy printing paper

hp Designjet 100 - expand your color printing ability

dj100 can maintain a low cost. The modular and replaceable ink system helps to achieve low-cost and efficient color printing. Dj100 adopts specially formulated ink, 1200dpi printing system and HP color layering technology to provide a wide and realistic color gamut and smooth color transition; In the fast mode, the speed of 11ppm (letter size) can be obtained, while printing an A1 size engineering drawing takes only 90 seconds

paragraph 4: HP Designjet 10ps - a practical and high-quality solution

hp Designjet 10ps is an a3+ format color inkjet printer with software rip function in the driver and 16MB memory capacity. It provides a low-cost, practical and high-quality solution for prepress proofing users

hp Designjet 10ps - a practical and high-quality solution

designjet 10ps adopts the structure of separating the ink box from the print head. The ink boxes of six colors can be replaced independently, which greatly reduces the printing cost of users. Its ink drop size is only 4 microliters, and it can achieve 2400 on high-grade photo paper × The printing resolution of 1200dpi, ultra-fine 6-color ink, closed-loop color calibration system and built-in color sensor ensure the accuracy of color output

designjet 10ps each print head has 304 nozzles, and the ink droplet ejection speed is up to 36kHz, which can achieve high printing speed while ensuring printing quality. It supports postscript 2 and postscript 3, has automatic Pantone calibration function, is equipped with USB and parallel ports, and can be connected to PC and MAC systems

paragraph 5: Epson Pro 7600/9600 - Epson 7-color independent ink cartridge printing

epson Pro 76 was born in a revolutionary family. From the lowest official to the current head of state 00/9600 is a large format printer, with the maximum format of B0 + (pro7600 is a1 +). As an upgraded product of pro7500/9500, it not only inherits the micro piezoelectric printing technology and intelligent ink drop conversion technology of other large format printers in the style Pro Series, And it is the first time to realize borderless printing in large format printers, with a maximum of 2880 × 1440d but not resistant to low temperature, poor printability, PI resolution and the smallest 4PL ink drop in the pigment ink. The 4PL fine ink drop of the pigment ink on the medium is only equivalent to the ink dot produced by 2PL dye ink. They also have unique 7-color independent ink cartridge printing, three different ink configurations, and the new "century rainbow" light resistant pigment ink. The latest gray ink and rough texture black ink can achieve deeper black and pure gray, and even output black-and-white photos can achieve the effect comparable to silver salt photo paper

epson Pro 7600/9600 - Epson 7-color independent ink cartridge printing

due to the use of intelligent ink drop conversion technology, the printing speed of the new printer on rough paper is 1.5 times higher than that of previous products, and the maximum printing speed is 17.8 square meters/hour (pro7600 is 11.8 square meters/hour). In terms of additional functions, the new large format printer can realize three modes of borderless printing, allowing users to choose between print quality and print efficiency; In addition to the standard parallel port and USB 2.0 high-speed serial port, users can also choose 10/100m card and IEEE1394 interface card for these printers to adapt to their own working environment. Based on these leading technical advantages, the pro7600/9600 can be applied to a wider range of application fields, including printing industry, imaging industry, cad/gis industry, advertising output and art reproduction

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