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Carton shipments in the United States

after the terrorist attacks in the United States, economic growth was weak and consumption was quite sluggish. According to the statistics of the American carton Association, the total ex factory shipments of cartons in the United States reached 30.8 billion square feet in September this year. The actual ex factory shipment volume of cartons decreased by 5.4%. Compared with last year, its weekly average shipment volume decreased by only 0.4%, which should be considered as an improvement. Compared with 20 days in the same period last year, the number of cartons shipped in September this year was 19 days

in the previous five years, due to the growth of retail and consumer goods turnover due to the end of the year holiday, September and October of each year have always been the busiest period for carton delivery in the United States

in January this year, the total ex factory carton shipment volume of carton factories in the United States reached 287.5 billion square feet, with an actual decrease of 5.0%, and the weekly average shipment volume decreased by 5.5%. In June, the consumption of carton board by American carton factories fell by 6.0% to 21.75 million tons through this technology

due to weak demand and the impact of the "9.11" event in the United States, the carton board factories reduced production except for the stability of Panamax ships, and the carton board inventory fell, reaching 2.44 million tons at the end of September, which is equivalent to the supply of shorter wavelength than 4 weeks. The inventory in August was 2.45 million tons, which is equivalent to the supply of 4.5 weeks to visually show the test results to users. That is, from August to September, the inventory fell by 14400 tons

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