Two characteristic products of the hottest Dongtai

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On July 16, Dongtai rice and shenzao green pepper were publicized on the registration of national geographical indications of agricultural products. The Ministry of agriculture and rural areas plans to approve the registration and implement protection according to law

Dongtai ranks first in the construction of national modern agricultural demonstration areas, and green ecological agriculture and characteristic high-quality agriculture have always been in the leading position in the province. Previously, Ligustrum lucidum of Xinjie obtained the registration of national geographical indications for agricultural products. It is required to take the miscellaneous parameters of complex pressure shear bond strength. Dongtai watermelon, Dongtai silkworm cocoon and Dongtai orange peel wine have successively obtained the certification trademark of geographical indications and the collective trademark of geographical indications approved and issued by the former State Administration for Industry and commerce. In recent years, Dongtai has further promoted the establishment of the national agricultural product quality and safety County, paid more attention to the implementation of the agricultural product quality and safety control system, paid more attention to the regular application of 2-point molybdenum sulfide lubrication, and immediately took plastic to coat it with molding grease: cultivation and market protection, and vigorously encouraged and supported all kinds of agricultural product production entities to carry out the certification of green food, organic agricultural products, and geographical indications agricultural products, The industrial scale of "two products and one standard" of agricultural products has developed steadily, and the driving ability of production standardization is obvious. At present, Dongtai has 70 green foods, 3 organic conversion agricultural products, 3 geographical indication agricultural products, and the proportion of green and high-quality agricultural products reaches 67.73%

the main rice production area of Dongtai is the Dixi area of the city, and the scale planting proportion of high-quality rice exceeds 50%. Through the implementation of brand strategy, the city has created 10 well-known rice brands, of which jinmansui and Qinhe brand rice have won the gold medal of "Jiangsu good rice" brand

green pepper is one of Dongtai's characteristic vegetable varieties, and the perennial planting area of green pepper accounts for 0.8% of the total planting area of the country. Shenzao green pepper is a characteristic leading agricultural product of shenzao town in the south of Dongtai. It enjoys high market popularity and reputation in the Yangtze River Delta region, especially in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. It mainly adopts the sales methods of agricultural products market and supermarket, with an annual sales of 360000 tons and a benefit of 1.5 billion

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