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Bar code printer purchase guide

color laser all-in-one machine is a new product in recent years, especially the desktop color laser all-in-one machine began to emerge in 2005. Therefore, at present, only a few manufacturers launch such products, such as HP, Epson, Oki and Fuji Xerox, among which only the top three have desktop color laser all-in-one machine products, Fuji Xerox's products are closer to expensive color digital copiers. At present, there are few manufacturers and models of color laser all-in-one machines, so there is little choice for users. When choosing, we can lock the purchase object according to our own application needs

the production cost has decreased significantly, and the printing speed

the current color laser all-in-one machine is divided into one imaging printing and four imaging printing. Most of the all-in-one machines using four times imaging technology are low-end products. Only one laser transmitter (or LED array group) and one photosensitive drum are used in such all-in-one machines. When printing color documents, because the color is formed by the superposition and synthesis of toners of C, m, y and K in the all-in-one machine, it must go through the process of laser irradiation and toner adsorption for four times in the printing process, and then it can be transferred to the paper for fixing output. Therefore, when printing color documents, the speed of all-in-one machine with four times imaging technology is only one fourth of that of black-and-white documents. At present, most of the color laser all-in-one machines adopt the four times imaging technology, and only reach the entry-level level level in the color laser printing link

the all-in-one color laser machine with one-time imaging technology has four laser emitters (or LED array group) and four photosensitive drums (below). When printing color documents or images, the four laser emitters and four photosensitive drums simultaneously irradiate the laser and absorb carbon powder, and then transfer the images to the paper for fixed output at one time. There is no doubt that the color laser all-in-one machine using one-time imaging technology has great advantages in printing speed. In addition, because the cost of the LED imaging system is relatively low, the all-in-one machine using the LED imaging technology adopts the one-time imaging technology, such as Oki's color laser all-in-one machine, whose printing speed is much faster than other color laser all-in-one machines

volume and function

in that year, the orders of injection molding machines, film blow molding machines, extruders, molding machines and other auxiliary equipment in this region all increased in an all-round way. In addition to its complete functions, the more important reason for the popularity of the multifunctional machine is that it occupies a small space. The color laser all-in-one machine is mainly for business users, and most of these users have strict requirements for product volume. However, in terms of several color laser multi-function all-in-one machines that have been launched on the market at present, their volume is slightly larger. Usually, a color laser all-in-one machine has occupied most of the space of a desk. Under the current technical conditions, it is not easy to slim down the color laser multifunctional machine. Therefore, the color laser all-in-one machine needs to make up for the lack of volume from the aspects of design and function. For example, adopt separable modular design, integrate more complete functions such as fax and network printing in the all-in-one machine as much as possible, and equip with automatic paper feeder, so as to achieve better cost-effectiveness ratio of space and functions

in addition, conventional factors such as whether the design of the color laser all-in-one machine is humanized, whether the operation is convenient, whether the toner cartridge has a good energy-saving effect to varying degrees, whether the replacement is convenient, and whether the cost of consumables is economic also need to be considered when purchasing. If the toner cartridge is easy to replace, or even convenient for users to add toner themselves, it will help enterprises reduce the use cost. In order to protect the environment, plastic materials now need to make progress in technology. Many toner cartridges of color laser all-in-one machines are designed with toner adding holes, and users can add toner according to their own needs. Some color laser all-in-one machines (such as Epson cx11n) can also make business cards and badges, which provides convenience for enterprises and companies. If the color laser all-in-one machine you choose has a card reader, it also provides a convenient way for color photo output in the future. In addition, which paper media the machine supports to print (the more paper media it supports, the wider the range of use); What management and application software is attached to the machine and what functions can be realized must be understood before purchase

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