Shipment of the fourth batch of equipment in North

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Shantui exports the fourth batch of equipment to the North African market

following the successful shipment of the first three batches of equipment in the North African market, Shantui recently completed the shipment of the fourth batch of materials produced by loaders and test machines with cumbersome classification. Since the contract was signed, the company has received extensive attention. With the full cooperation of several brother departments, the company has stepped up production and rolled out on schedule. At present, 30 320 HP bulldozers, 2 220 HP bulldozers, 3 garbage compactors and 5 5 5-ton loaders have been shipped. It is planned to continue to ship the fifth batch of equipment in early September

since the first batch of equipment of this order arrived in Hong Kong and delivered to customers, the company has paid close attention to the needs of customers. The local waste will not cause pollution to the environment. The agent has actively sent professional after-sales service personnel to provide on-site one-to-one services to customers, further improving customer satisfaction and effectively ensuring the service quality of Shantui equipment in the world. "He said that the quality of Shantui equipment is within the limits, in order to expand the local influence of Shantui brand To seize market share has laid a solid foundation

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