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The monitoring system of a factory in Shanghai - optical fiber ring scheme

project description

the monitoring system of the factory involves 100 Ethernet terminals, 100 IP electromagnetic clutches fail, and 140 IP cameras powered by Taitai, which occupy one place in the future market competition, to provide safety assurance and data collection for the normal operation of the factory. The backbone transmission requires Gigabit bandwidth to ensure the smoothness of the video monitoring system. The upper central machine room selects two korenix jetnet 6524g stackable full Gigabit three-layer tube switches, which support VRRP (virtual redundant Router Protocol) virtual routing redundancy protocol and can be used for mutual backup. Full Gigabit ports meet the needs of high-volume video, voice and data transmission. The three-layer routing function can effectively manage sub networks. Each workshop adopts jettnet 5828g modular tubular Ethernet switch to meet the requirements of Ethernet terminal and IP connection. The modular design supports flexible port combination, which provides great convenience for new projects or reconstruction projects. Jetnet 5728g rack mounted tubular Poe Ethernet power supply switch not only provides integrated energy saving and new energy vehicle material transmission of data and power for IP cameras, but also supports intelligent Poe power supply management, including Poe scheduling and forced power supply, which fully meets the power requirements of standard or non-standard PD devices. These two industrial Ethernet switches meet the patented ring redundancy technology of korenix MSR and rapid dual hosting, and the convergence time reaches the millisecond level, ensuring that the downstream demand of the field level network strong soft bubble is 444000 tons of backup capacity

the whole system involves 100 Ethernet terminals, 100 IPS and 140 IP cameras, which are evenly distributed in 4 machine rooms. Based on the requirements of building a high reliability network structure, MSR (multiple super ring) ring redundancy technology is adopted to divide the system network into four Gigabit sub rings in the unit of workshop. Each ring has an independent RM (ring manager), and the failure of a single ring will not affect the backup ability of other rings. The four independent rings are connected to the central machine room using RDH (rapid dual hosting) dual home redundancy technology and are compatible with other redundant protocols such as RSTP

all three switches support IEEE 802.1Q VLAN protocol. In the rapid super ring environment, tag based VLAN is selected to transmit VLAN information across switches. The system users are divided into three VLAN groups by function: Ethernet data group, IP group and video monitoring group. Resources can be shared with VLAN group members. It can not only cut the broadcast domain, but also enhance the network security and ease of management. The central computer room management host is equipped with jetview Pro management software, which can retrieve IP devices in batches, automatically draw topology, and monitor the connection status of each node of the network. The switch supports SNMP, CLI, web browser and other user interfaces to meet different operating habits

architecture diagram

reason for selection

jetnet 6524g supports virtual routing redundancy protocol. Once VRRP master fails, VRRP backup router will start immediately, which improves system reliability

RSR (rapid super ring) redundancy protocol is used to form four independent fast self-healing rings. The self-healing time of the ring reaches the millisecond level. Each sub ring operates independently. A single ring fault has no impact on other sub rings. RDH (rapid dual hosting) technology is used to connect the sub ring to the central layer 3 switch, which is compatible with other redundant protocols such as RSTP, so that the field and the central network can be seamlessly connected

jetnet 6524g/5828g/5728g all support IEEE 802.1Q VLAN protocol. In the rapid super ring environment, tag based VLAN is selected to transmit VLAN information across switches. System users can be divided into three VLAN groups according to functions: Ethernet data group, IP group and video monitoring group

jetview Pro network management software supports batch retrieval devices, batch ring settings, automatic topology generation, SNMP browser, port traffic monitoring and other practical functions, providing a perfect communication management platform for maintenance personnel. (end)

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