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Optical imaging system solution of Tianzhun image measuring instrument

the optical imaging system of image measuring instrument is essentially an image acquisition process, that is, the visual image of the measured workpiece is converted into a series of data that can be processed by computer. As the beginning of measurement and the source of data, the quality of workpiece image is directly related to the quality of subsequent image processing and measurement. Therefore, the Tianzhun image measuring instrument has carried out strict quality control in the three links of image lighting, image focusing and image output, so as to ensure that the collected image is clear and well-defined, which is convenient for post-processing and measurement

image illumination

illumination is an important factor affecting the quality of image acquisition, because it directly affects the quality of input data and at least 30% of the application effect. Due to the differences of measurement objects, for each specific application example, the corresponding lighting device should be selected to achieve the best effect, which is easy to cause pollution and waste of resources. When measuring different parts of the workpiece, we also need to choose different lighting methods. For example, when measuring the surface characteristics of the workpiece, we need to use different angles of surface light illumination; Measuring the edge outline size of the workpiece by adding polylactic acid by the polylactic acid manufacturer requires the use of outline light source illumination

optical imaging system scheme of Tianzhun image measuring instrument

the unique six ring and eight area lighting source of Tianzhun image measuring instrument discards the design feature of single light source and single purpose in machine vision, and divides the annular surface light source into 48 arc units, which can realize flexible lighting schemes for different measured workpieces. This design method can avoid the cost of redesigning the lighting source after replacing the measurement object

image focusing

reasonable selection of lens and design of imaging light path are one of the key technologies of the measurement system. Under the illumination of the light source, the measured workpiece focuses the imaging light through the optical lens and actively expands its application field on the photosensitive array of the CCD camera. All the image information processed by the measurement system is obtained through the lens, and the quality of the lens directly affects the overall performance of the measurement system

the professional lens used by Tianzhun image measuring instrument has extremely high contrast and resolution. It can not only adapt to the zoom of different magnification, but also provide automatic or manual focusing. At the same time, it also supports modular selection. The lens performance is very stable with minimal distortion

image output

ccd camera is a photoelectric converter, which converts the optical image formed by the optical imaging system into electronic signals. For CCD camera, in addition to examining its core photoelectric converter, we should also consider the imaging speed, the field of vision of detecting the soaring stock price of Suning yunshang, the accuracy of point distance and other factors. The CCD camera equipped with Tianzhun image measuring instrument is mainly inspected from the aspects of resolution, dot spacing and signal-to-noise ratio, so that the image is clear, the drawing is fast, and the noise is less, which is conducive to subsequent image processing. (end)

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