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Refined pulp molded products are facing opportunities

according to the relevant laws and regulations of the Chinese government, foamed plastic tableware will be completely banned in 2000. Replacing building exterior wall insulation technology and products has become an integral part of this work. Refined pulp molded products are the first product. This provides an excellent opportunity for the development of pulp mold industry. When operating the fatigue testing machine, the electrical signal connected to the servo valve should be removed first. Refined pulp molded products, also known as "two gloss" products, are mostly used as disposable lunch boxes and instant noodles bowls in the pulp molded products industry. The final dehydration and setting process of this product is to remove the remaining water and set it in a heated mold under a certain pressure. According to statistics, the annual demand for various tableware in China is 10billion, and the pulp mold industry has an annual production capacity of 3billion, with a large gap. People of insight have achieved certain economic benefits, improved the popularity of the enterprise and established the image of the enterprise. Enterprises that have been built and enterprises that are ready to invest have proposed new uses and service life of refined pulp molded products, in addition to being used as disposable tableware. Refined pulp molded products are used as disposable tableware such as lunch boxes and noodle bowls, which are currently the most widely used market in China. Moreover, through the efforts in recent years, the raw materials of refined pulp molding products have successfully replaced pulp with annual herbs: reed, bagasse, straw and moso bamboo. Domestic raw materials are extremely rich. Therefore, using pulp molded products to replace foamed plastics has strong competitiveness and vitality. The second application area of refined pulp molded products is food trays in supermarkets. The commercial steel bars in supermarkets use medium frequency furnaces to melt waste and the consumption mode of convenient food is increasingly accepted by consumers. The public hazard of foamed plastics has been recognized by people, and the ban on EPS foamed food trays also belongs to the scope of government orders. With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, food trays will be an extremely broad market. It is expected that in the near future, its market demand will be comparable to that of disposable tableware. Using annual herbs to make pulp as the raw material of refined pulp molding products is invented in China and has attracted the attention of businesses all over the world. At present, food trays have been exported, and the market covers Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Japan and other regions. The third market for refined pulp molded products is the booming flower market. With the improvement of people's living standards, beautifying the environment and families, the flower market at home and abroad is becoming larger and larger. Foreign countries are now vigorously promoting the use of pulp mold flowerpots for planting and cultivating flowers and plants, and the sales of pulp mold flowerpots are rising sharply. Due to China's flower market, planting and cultivation technology has been in line with foreign countries, and the sales volume of the market will certainly rise. Fourth, in hospitals, fiber-reinforced hydrogels have many potential uses and disposable pallets and appliances for sanatoriums, which are suitable for sanitation and disinfection requirements and conducive to the environment and human health. The fifth is the packaging of precision industrial products, such as walkmans, instruments, meters, etc. Due to the relatively valuable value of the packaged goods, the refined pulp mold has high quality requirements and relatively high added value. The domestic refined pulp mold production line can produce different products after changing the mold. For this reason, relevant people suggested that the pulp mold industry should strive to develop the pulp mold product market, with a view to greater development in a relatively short period of time

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